MM & KM Links Games November 2011 Week 3

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gen2 | 17:00 Fri 18th Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This will be both brief and early as we are going out shortly.

Tomorrow morning, 'Regal Roslyn' concludes her Australian saga and challenges you to guess 4 links in the MM Game (Q&P 8:45 / 9:00 tomorrow). Note that this game has bonus points that favour early players. Results are posted 7pm Sunday.

The more leisurely KM game is watched over by Seekeers (also in Q&P). There is no rush, play any time before midnight Sunday.

This shrubbery thread is now open for those who can find it.

Good luck


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As a "newbie" to this site the whole conversation is double dutch to me. Ah well I'll have to stick around for a while longer.
Look in tomorrow after 9am, Maggiebee, and try and guess the four link words.
It's challenging but fun!
Hi John...good to see you.
Maggie, I plucked up courage to play the KM links and decided after a while to dip my toe into MM links. They are both good fun to play and Saturdays come around too quickly anyway :)
Hi are very welcome.
We spend Friday night getting ready with our cunning plans to guess the link words Saturday morning.
Log on and watch out for the KM and MM links.
Just have a go at guessing the links words.
As you get to know us, we are a gentle bunch, apart from Pauline who has twin nieces :D

How are the ladies doing?
Question Author
Good evening Tearinghair.
You are doing fine with the quiz - lots of time still to go. The highest feedback I've had is someone with just 6 to go. Glad you enjoyed getting #38.
I suspect # 91 will be the hardest to solve, particularly for those south of the border.

Anyone else wanting the quiz . . . here were the details:
They're doing just great thanks alba. 12lb 13oz and 9lb 13oz and smiling away!
...and I AM gentle! :-)))
I keep thinking I must send for your quiz gen2...I will when I get home...I promise!
wow. pauline, they are coming along beautfully. They obviously take after their aunt xx (Smiling faces xx)
H Pauline. Hope all is well with youurself.
alba...the smallest...Esme, is really like me in personality. If she doesn't like something, she lets you know!
It's funny they are identical, but have such different personalities already.

Not too bad John...have you done a quiz this year?
Sorry Pauline, no quiz for CIN again this year due to family problems, but I promise there'll be one next year, all being well. I will hopefully be advertising a Christmas one in the next couple of weeks for a friend, so look out for that.
I will do John.
Hope things get better soon.
Thanks Pauline. I don't think I've even bought a quiz this year, but I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things and send off for gen2's quiz. They always test the little grey matter.
I have been like that John...too much to do, and not enough time for quizzes and crosswords. I am going to change all I keep promising myself to!
Hey...maybe that's why we're doing so bad with the links...

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MM & KM Links Games November 2011 Week 3

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