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marpycoo | 11:15 Tue 15th Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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"New Shoots" handicapped centre quiz - 45 questions on Famous Buildings.
Nos. 1-18 are all castles, 19-45 are buildings. I'm stuck on the last few, and the deadline is first post this Thursday 17th November. Sample question - "Turn inside out lose 't' light with ? and breezy" - INVER(T)-AIR-RAY.

13. Heads come off rapid firing machine - I thought LEWES CASTLE (Lewis is a make of machine gun)
16. AMAZE SCULLING (2) I want this to be FLOORS CASTLE but why sculling?
30. HELL IN A BEE CAMP (1) I want this to be FURNESS ABBEY but why?
40. Strong and muscular abode - I want this to be RIPLEY CASTLE (as in "rippling muscles" but can't justify it

Many thanks in advance - over to you Lie-In King and other puzzlers


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Me again - 16. AMAZE SCULLING (2) - anagram of CULZEAN and GLAMIS castles so presumably 30. HELL IN A BEE CAMP (1) is a one word anagram ?
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A friend has suggested BURGHLEY (burly) HOUSE for 40 - sounds good to me
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And 40. is in fact (2) ! ! ! - BLENHEIM PALACE

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