MM & KM Link Games October 2011 Week 2

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gen2 | 20:45 Fri 11th Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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In the KM Game, all is progressing smoothly at the moment although Seekeers is still wary of the reliability of her internet provider's connection. Watch out for that game in Q&P anytime tomorrow morning - no need to rush because there are no time sensitive bonus points in that game.

Unlike the MM Game where bonus points only remain available for 2 minutes after each link is discovered. All you have to do is geuess what word (between 4 and 9 letters long) can be combined with the a challenge word to make a well-known word or phrase.

The KM links game is set by the compiler of the Daily Telegraph Saturday GK Crossword and linked to solutions in the Monday Herculis Crossword.

Our own MM Links game (in memory of Michael Mepham (Kate is his daughter)) is set this month by 'Regal Roslyn' aka 'Roslyn251254'. She has been relating a recent visit to Australia and may very well continue with that this weekend. If she does, be sure to have your kangaroo tied died down and ensure your didgerie doo is done.


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Question Author
This week, two people I know have had to eradicate malware installed om their computer. Most are alert to spoof emails requesting our banking log-on details (phishing), but please be equally alert to websites that also ask you to click on download links that may not be all that they seem to be,

An example of what I mean is that a video link (eg to YouTube) may ask you to either:
1) Download an updated/new codec to view it
or 2) Update your Flash Player to view it.
NEVER TRUST THE WEBSITE'S OWN LINK to do what it says. Always go to the creator's own website and download it yourself from there.

This thread is where you socialise and plan your strategies for tomorrow's games. The Shrubbery is now open.

Safe Surfing and Happy Linking everyone

Thank for that gen2.
I look forward to this week's challenge.
Good Evening, why do some idiots need to go phishing? Dreadful nasty numpties.

Gen2 and Rosyln, thank you both for posting. (I'm still rather new to this marlarkey but it is good fun)
Question Author
Glad you find it fun Alba - fortunately that is what others do too and that is why the game continues to thrive. New members join as others drop out so the numbers playing remain fairly constant.

A word of advice - Just because the setter uses a theme for the challenge words, doesn't necessarly mean the same theme is used for the links you are seeking. The setter does not disclose how they choose their links - sometimes they go for the obvious, sometimes the obscure - it is your task to second-guess the setter. Do you think you have latched on to the mind of Regal Roslyn yet?
Evening all.
There are some terrible people about.

Just watched a news report about a youth caught on camera swinging a cat about!
What is up with people?
Question Author
I saw that Pauline - I hope he gets caught.

Not quizzing tonight?
Those "terrible people about" - I am sure not in the Stockpot area - they wouldn't be that foolhardy?!!
A few months ago, Mr Alba asked me what I was doing. Explained to him about the KM links (never brave enough to attempet MM). We are now addicted. Hopeless most of the the time but it it such a nice quiet way to pass the time. The time and effort put into it by each setter and scorer is much respected and admired from this end of the PC :)
Yes he has been caught! I hope they throw the book at him, but they won't!
Strix...I wish I was a tolerance! Maybe I ought to apply! :-) has a community of it's own now. It's brilliant.
Good evening all
I completely agree with you Pauline regarding that terrible treatment of the cat.
How can anybody be so cruel and absolutely stupid.
Anyway, back to the Links games. Yes it is addictive but great fun. I don't think I've missed many weeks since I first started in January 2008. There are still quite a few regulars that were here then and still playing.
I haven't had much luck lately, especially on the MM - my x-ray capabilities do not extend to looking into the setters mind
Evening all. I'll be late posting tomorrow - going to my twice-yearly car boot sale - so plenty of time to think about the links and still get them wrong!
Everything is very quiet here tonight; my boisterous cat is at the vet's on a drip. It looks as though he's eaten one mouse too many, with a nasty bacterium in its gut - either that, or he's been poisoned (accidentally, I hasten to add). They tell me he is slightly improved this evening, so fingers crossed. In the meantime his twin sister is making hay..... she wouldn't go near him yesterday when he was so ill and is now revelling in all the attention.
Evening tearinghair,
Sorry to hear of your cats dilemma - hope he gets better soon.
I tried to change my avatar to a picture of our cat but it doesn't seem to have worked.
Poor cat tearinghair. I do hope he's better soon.

X-ray...I have been useless lately at the links, and don't rush to score bonus points now, as I am lucky to get any!
are you psychic, gen2 ?? there was me waxing lyrical about my 'all fixed' modem last weekend, and now I see words of warning in your opening line - and how right you are !!

All was lovely till Tuesday am, when BANG it was off again bl**dy thing and I'm still waiting for the provider to get back to me, however we will persevere !!
it's worked for me x-ray, !!
Oh dear seekeerz. You are having a rough time with your computer, does that mean the KM links will be late tomorrow - although it is today where you are isn't it.
You've been pretty successful so far, and no doubt someone will start the ball rolling if you are unable to do so.
Good luck
What do you mean - it worked for me - my avatar ?
Just noticed gen2 your headline reads October 2011 Week 2

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