MM & KM Links Games November 2011 Week 1

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gen2 | 20:30 Fri 04th Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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A new month and the leaderboards have been wiped clean.

In the MM Links game we have a new setter (actually, a recycled one). 'Regal Roslyn', aka Roslyn251254 will set the challenges for November, starting tomorrow morning in Q&P with an introduction at 08:45 and the challenge words themselves at 09:00.
All you have to do is guess what words she has chosen that, when combined with her challenge words, form a well-known word or phrase. One point is awarded for each match guessed. The first to find a pairing is awarded a bonus point (total of 2) and any player within two minutes of that discovery is deemed to be equal and also awarded a bonus point. Best chances of bonus points go to early players so some crush up against the shrubbery gates in order to rush in as soon as they are opened. Two extra bonus points are also on offer if you can correctly guess all four pairings.
The object is to score the most points before the end of the month.

The KM game is similar, but set every week by Kate Mepham (KM) in the Daily Telegraph GK Crosswords Saturday and Monday and hi-jacked by us here on AB. Scoring is slightly different there with no bonus points so no need to rush your entry. You simply score 1, 3, 6, 10 points for 1, 2, 3, 4 correct matches.
HOWEVER - there is a problem. The KM game is usually organised by Seekeerz from her home in Australia. Unfortunately, she has recently been having internet connection problems and has stated that she is withdrawing intil those problems are sorted. NEVER FEAR - ABers are a resourceful lot and aLMOST CERTAINLY, someone else will save the day by starting the thread. Just look out for a thread with KM Links in the title in Q&P tomorrow morning.

With two games to prepare tactics for, that could mean thirsty work this evening so this thread (aka 'The Shrubbery') is now thrown open for socialisation. All we ask is that the empties are disposed of (or recycled) before you leave.

One final request: There are vulnerable plants in the shrubbery, so please, no bonfires - but fireworks are permitted.

Good Luck (or shrewd analysis) to all players.


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Evening all..I am going out to a quiz night tonight, but will be back later.

I would like to take this opportunity to post some sad news.

Crofter has said it is okay to let you know of the sad loss of Valerie, his partner of over twenty years. Val sadly passed away on 10th October.

I had the privilege of meeting this really lovely Lady, and hope that Crofter knows we will all be thinking of him at this very sad time.
I'm really sorry to hear that, Pauline. I'll be thinking of crofter and hope that he is able to cope with the immediate and longer-distance future - I'm sure he will.
It is such sad news and our thoughts and prayers go out to Crofter and the family. We too had the privilege of meeting Val and she was such a lovely lady.
Pauline, I am very sorry to hear about the sad loss of Val. Please pass on my sincere condolences to Crofter should you be in contact with him. She will be in my thoughts and prayers tonight.
I'm sorry I got in really late and couldn't join you all tonight.
See you in the morning.

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MM & KM Links Games November 2011 Week 1

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