New Charity Quiz now available 'Flowers of Scotland'

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gen2 | 16:18 Tue 01st Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Gen2's New Charity Quiz is here

Well folks, I am into my 5th year and so it is time for the Hot Pot Quiz No.5

What? New Charity Quiz
Title: Hot Pot Quiz #5 'Flowers of Scotland'.
Theme: Every answer either is, or contains, a Scottish Flower.
Type: 100 Cryptic questions
Difficulty: Challenging
In aid of: Kirkcaldy Art Club (Registered Scotish Charity number SCO 37822).
Closing Date: Jan 31st 2012

More details and address will be found below . . .


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Question Author
This brand new Charity Quiz of 100 cryptic clues is now available.

Compiled by your very own puzzle solver and maker, gen2, this quiz has been 9 months in the making and comprises 100 cryptic clues on the theme of 'Flowers of Scotland'. Every answer either is, or contains, a Scottish Flower. The flowers are of two types: 75 of type A and 25 of type B.

The quiz is to raise funds for the upkeep of the premises owned by Kirkcaldy Art Club (Registered Scotish Charity number SCO 37822).

Closing date is January 31st 2012.

If you enjoy the 'Rainbow Quizzes', or even my previous offerings of 'Rocky Horrors', 'Terrible Twos', 'ART-TRA' or 'Not Holly but Ivy', then I am sure you will enjoy this 'Flowers of Scotland' one as well.

Do you have friends, relatives or work colleagues who enjoy these types of quiz? Then why not order several copies?

Quizzes are available . B Y . P O S T . for just £1 each + SAE (Yes! £1 - that's just 1p a question!)
Cheques should be made payable to 'Kirkcaldy Art Club' and the envelope should be DL size (~ 9" x 4") or c5 size (9" x 6.4") i.e. for A4 sheets folded in 3, or in half.
BUT remember that envelopes larger than C5 will require a more expensive stamp.
ALSO, a standard stamp will only cover up to TWO quizzes (each quiz comprises 3 sheets of A4)


The Secretary
Kirkcaldy Art Club
38 Douglas Street

Those who left SAEs after the last quiz should receive them soon. They were put in the post Monday evening.
Question Author
A few taster questions (that didn't make it into the full quiz.)


1. In drag? Worthwhile for some. (7)
2. Furious 'Band A' is returned to student . . . (4,5)
3. . . . while 'Band C' includes extreme Unionist Party leaders. (9)
4. Bush stirred up Derry rebel. (10)
5. I, Ron Cameron, held back output from mine. (4,3)
6. Middle drops out of rocking-horse and what's left needs small repair. (8)
7. Back an unknown. (6)
8. The Gentleman Usher of parliament gets an upgrade? (9)
9. Warm her belly before losing your head. (4,7)
10. Dammed weeny trickle of water. (4)
What is the prize for this quiz please.
Question Author
I thought people did these quizzes for fun?

For the more financially challenged solvers, the prizes are as follows.
£30 for highest scorer, or one picked at random from multiple equal highest scorers.
+ £20 for one picked at random from all entrants.
+ £10 for one picked ar random from all entrants.
Most do. You will spot the greedy ones in about 2 weeks - on this site!
Not greed but if time is to be spent working out the answers as this quiz looks as if it will take time and postage for SAE's (large) are not cheap. Some of us are pensioners and do not have much to spare.
Question Author
No large stamp needed if you use a DL or C5 envelope.
I'll certainly be sending for some for my friends-esp. seeing it's for Kirkcaldy Art Club
Question Author
Thank you quinie
Hi,gen2 I presume the answers are flowers found anywhere in the UK, not just Scotland? I like the teasers!!
Question Author
quinie, by definition, 25% are Scottish flowers and so are only (or mostly) found within Scotland.

The other 75% can be found blooming in many regions of the UK, but all are on the Fife list of recorded species.
Question Author
One of our Club Members claims to have completed the quiz. He tells me that one of my flowers could also be a flower! I have looked it up and he is correct. If you are totting up your answers and come across this, I have counted it as flora in my own totals (75/25).

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New Charity Quiz now available 'Flowers of Scotland'

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