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AB Editor | 11:13 Tue 01st Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Dear All,

Here is the November edition of the Quizzes and Puzzles round up. Below is the list of latests quizzes added, thanks to all contributors!

Please add in any other quizzes you have to this thread in the usual way.

1. Proverbs and Sayings Quiz 100 questions in aid of St James Church Spilsby, closing date 12th December.

2. Brands of Food and Drink Quiz 100 questions for 6th Chatteris Brownies, closing date 30 November.

3. It's a Dog's Life Quiz 100 general knowledge questions to support Weeke Primary School Association, closing date 31st December.

4. New Quiz in aid of The Village Hall at Heage, closing date 31st December.

5. Shopping List Quiz 100 cryptic clues to find supermarket products in aid of MAGPAS, closing date 4th January.

6. 'IT'S A DOG'S LIFE (BARKING MAD!!!!)' Quiz 50 cryptic questions to do with dogs, in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind, closing date 11th January.

7. Music on the Move Quiz 100 songs with words linked to travel to support the Billericay Lions, closing date 14th January.

8. Oldies but Goodies Quiz guessing popular song titles for Agape Care Foodbank, and Rainbow Africa, closing date 25th January.

9. A Christmas Story Quiz to support Dean Gibson School, Kendal, closing date 28th January.

10. From Fort Willaim to Folkestone Quiz route through UK quiz in aid of Matlock Town Football Club Supporters Auxillary Association, closing date 31st January.

11. World Towns and Cities Quiz 48 cryptic questions to support Macmillan Cancer Support, closing date 5th February.

12. Christmas Letter Quiz in aid of St Hildas Church,Sherburn, closing date 16th February.
Good Luck!!!


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13. Lizzes Quizzes (4) in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.
A mix of general knowledge, anagrams & cryptic clues with the odd dingbat thrown in.
There are 50 questions, each with 2 clues and 2 rhyming answers.
4 cash prizes (£40, £20, £10, £5) to be won after the closing date of 28th January 2012.
Entry fee £1
Please send a cheque (payable to Macmillan Cancer Support) + sae to
Liz Hardy
27 Whitecross
St Ives
PE27 6DR
Buxton Mountain Rescue Quiz 2.

New Quiz in aid of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team now available.
60 questions General Knowledge/Cryptic/Anagrams of place names in British Isles containing name of an animal.

1st Prize: £10 / 2nd Prize £5 randomly picked from all returned sheets.

£1 plus sae to Mrs G Halliday,
'Lorien', Main Road,
Lincolnshire, PE22 8AG.

Cheques payable to Buxton Mountain Rescue Team. Closing date: 3rd December, 2011.

Thank you.
New Charity Quiz now available 'Flowers of Scotland'

Title: Hot Pot Quiz #5 'Flowers of Scotland'.
Theme: Every answer either is, or contains, a Scottish Flower.
Type: 100 Cryptic questions
Difficulty: Challenging
In aid of: Kirkcaldy Art Club (Registered Scotish Charity number SCO 37822).
Closing Date: Jan 31st 2012

Full details on this thread:

Please note that the closing date for the Brands of Food and Drink quiz for 6th Chatteris Brownies is 30 November and not 12 December as stated above. Thank You.
Question Author
Sorry about that bosey must have picked up the wrong date from somewhere. Have changed the post now so hopefully people wont be confused. Thanks for spotting it though.
-- answer removed --
Ab Editor, u r doing a great job
SMILE Cities of the world quiz available from A Rose , Dalegarth,Trinkey Lane
Stoney Middleton,Hope Valley S32 4TX. Closing date 27th Jan 2012

I have nothing to do with this quiz other than being an eager participant, its so good I wanted to share it with fellow quizzers!
Circus Quiz in aid of Chatteris Community Group. price £1 from J. Oakey, 58 Westbourne Rd, Chatteris PE16 6HQ closing date 31 December.
Latest North East Fife Liberal Democrats quiz now available; 50 general knowledge questions whose answers all begin with 'W', closing date 9th January. £2, payable to North East Fife Liberal Democrats. Send SAE to: Jane Ann Liston, 5 Whitehill Terrace, Largo Road, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 8RN.
VALUE FOR MONEY quiz 50 cryptic clues, connected with money and finance, closing date 31st January, 2012, to support G.I.F.T., a local fundraising organisation who raise money for charities which are chosen annually. This year's beneficiaries are: Park House, Sandringham (Leonard Cheshire Home); Shocking Now (installing public access defibrillators); The Grand Order of Water Rats.

Please send £1 and s.a.e. or email address to: Anna and Glyn, Keep Moat, The Street, Erpingham, Norfolk NR11 7QB
New Quiz For Whittlesey Christmas Lights

we have just released this years quiz called who sang that.
it is 100 questions we have given you the name of a christmas song/carol and would like you to tell us who sang it we have given numbers for the singer(s) Prizes are 1st £25,2nd £15,3rd £10 closing date is 31st january 2012 sorry not available via email cheques payable to whittlesey christmas lights
cost is £1 copies can be obtained with an sae from
Mrs R Jolley
13 Crescent Close
Nr peterborough
12:08 Wed 02nd Nov 2011Subscribe Report
Medical team who assist any and all in difficulty.
When we were very young!!
Stories, songs and rhymes from your childhood!
100 Qs., Initial letters provided.
A fun quiz for all the family.
£1 + SAE to 'First Responders', Tony Powell, Applegate, Bucknalls Meadow, Sutton-on-Sea, Mablethorpe, Lincs. LN12 2QU
Closing date, Thurs. 8th. Dec. SAE for answers and results, please.
*****NEW QUIZ*****
100 questions, most cryptic.
It really is a fun quiz or everyone.
Prizes, 1st - £20; 2nd - £10; -3rd - £5
Closing Date, Fri. 27th Jan. 2012
£1 + SAE to A. Rose, Dalegarth, Trinkey Lane, Stoney Middleton, Hope Valley, S32 4TX
Two New Quizzes

1. Capel quiz on British sitcoms part 2. 50 questions, closing date January 6. £1 + SAE from Cherry Leppard 29 Albany Road, Capel le Ferne, Folkestone, Kent. CT18 7LA. Cheques to CVHMC.

2. Rhodes Minnis quiz on Words starting and ending with the same letter.
50 questions, closing date December 30. £1 + SAE from Daphne Andrews, 31 Bedingfield way, Lyminge, Folkestone, Kent, CT18 8JH. Cheques to Rhodes Minnis Methodist Church
21:59 Wed 09th Nov 2011Subscribe Report
New Fun Quiz With A Colour Theme To Help People With A Learning Disability

Fun Quiz with a colour theme. All questions or answers feature a colour.
Prize £20. Closing date 7th January 2012.

Send £1 per entry with a stamped SAE to:

Sharon Shortland
Laurel House
Old Main Road
Fleet Hargate
Lincs PE12 8LH

Cheques to be payable to Thera Trust.
Please tape coins to a piece of cardboard or inside some tissue.

Thera Trust supports people with a learning disability to live a normal life in their local community. Please support us by buying this quiz and giving yourself the opportunity to win.
08:34 Fri 11th Nov 2011Subscribe Report

Children Of Fiji

We have just returned from our latest trip to Fiji and have managed to produce our next quiz!
The subject of this latest quiz is What's My Line? with questions (a mixture of cryptic and factual) on all kinds of occupations
If you would like a copy of the quiz, you can:

1. Send £1 and a sae (or add 50p for postage) to us at 1 South Drive, Cattistock, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 0JG

2. Pay £1.50 online through our website and email us your address, so that we can send you a copy by post.

or 3. Pay £1 online through our website and send us your email address, so we can email you a copy.

If you prefer, you can pay the money directly into the charity bank account (details on the Children of Fiji website) or you can send a whole amount in £'s by text (Simply text FIJI42 £1 / £2 / £3 / £4 / £5 or £10 to 70070). (send us your contact details)

The money raised from this quiz will go towards surgery for 2-year old Pooja, who was born with a severely underdeveloped lower jaw and virtually no tongue, and who is in desperate need of surgery.

With best wishes from Margaret and Peter (Long)

[email protected]
16:19 Sat 12th Nov 2011Subscribe Report
My Winter fundraising cryptic quiz for Macmillan Cancer Support consists of 125 food items defined by cryptic crossword-style clues.

You can now donate (minimum £2) at to pre-order your copy.

Copies will all be emailed out at midday on Saturday 26th November and there will be a prize for the first correct solution received by email as well as the usual prize for the first correct entry drawn from the hat after the closing date of 2nd January 2012.


*The prizes will both be a bottle of Champagne or a magnum if we exceed the £1000 target.

P.S. The Autumn Quiz has now raised over £600 and the closing date for entries is Friday 25th November. Thanks again to all who supported it.
new quiz for whittlesey christmas lights

we have just released this years quiz called who sang that.
it is 100 questions we have given you the name of a christmas song/carol and would like you to tell us who sang it we have given numbers for the singer(s) Prizes are 1st £25,2nd £15,3rd £10 closing date is 31st january 2012 sorry not available via email cheques payable to whittlesey christmas lights
cost is £1 copies can be obtained with an sae from
Mrs R Jolley
13 Crescent Close
Nr peterborough
one off quiz for whittlesey diamond jubilee committee

we are realeasing a one off quiz to raise funds towards buying a commerative bookmark/coin/medal/mug for each of the 1500 school children in whittlesey we have to provide so much towards the cost of providing these to commerate the Queens diamond jubilee.
it is called 100 Glorious hits of the past six decades.
it is 100 questions we have chosen songs from each of the decades of the Queens reign and given number clues for the name of the artist who sang the song,we have chosen some that are well known some that are known as being annoying and some that will be stuck in your head as yoiu go i know that. apoloies if that happens
prizes are 1st prize is £15 2nd prize £ 10 3rd prize £5
they are available from

Mrs R Jolley
13 Crescent close
nr peterborough
pe7 1yb

Cheques payable to Whittlesey town council please or concealed coins
we hope you like the quiz and thatnkyou for your support

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