For a local quiz night I am compiling

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jessiedog | 23:37 Thu 15th Sep 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What is the name of the rack above a pub bar that holds glasses upside down. I know it has a special name but cannot find the right words for google to tell me.

Many thanks


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Stemware Holder?
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Not really... the name I am after is for a large, commercial thing used in pubs to hold the clean glasses. It is above the front of the bar between the staff and the customer and the bar staff would just reach up for a glass.

Thanks for trying
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Thanks to both of you but not there yet
Sorry, not familiar with what you are describing.
When I ran a pub they were just called hanging glass shelves or racks.
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I know that it has a proper name, I can remember hearing it discussed on one of the soaps several years ago (yes I know it's not real and that I am sad for remembering, but the article is genuine if only I could remember its' name)
overhead glass bar rack ?
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Those glasses aren't upside down.^^^ Did you look at my link?
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Yes, your link is what I was originally thinking of, however, it is more of a domestic item. The picture I have found I concede does not show the glasses hanging upside down but it is the name of the shelf unit that I am after, not how to build one

That sounds a bit churlish and I am sorry, it is very good of you to try to help me
Bar gantry ?
Grandad g says the ones you have shown jessiedog are like the fixtures on cookers in the galley on RN ships and they were called 'fiddles'
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Wellif you dont know and no-ione on here knows then no-one is ever going to get the answer in a quiz are they?
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For a local quiz night I am compiling

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