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marcra | 17:38 Thu 08th Sep 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone help with last few answers needed for local quiz.
All answers are forms of transport- old or new.

1. Capital city goes below the surface.

2. Carve inelegantly.

3. 11th Greek Sungod achieved success (Could this be Apollo)

4. Heavy snow led General Rush to use this.

5. Katy has a starring role in the desert.
Many thanks in advance


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1 London Underground?
19:45 Thu 08th Sep 2011
3 Phaeton? a sort of horse drawn carriage
2. Hack ?
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Hi Ouzel. Yes think hack is correct, many thanks, but Phaeton has already been used in another clue which was an anagram so think it must be something different sandyRoe. But thanks for your suggestion anyway.
1 London Underground?
2 Hack
3 Apollo 11 (moon landing)

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