English County Flags

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crofter | 22:23 Thu 01st Sep 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Can anyone out there identify the following English County Flags:

Flag 1: Three yellow bundles (sheaves?) form an inverted triangle around a vertically raised yellow sword. The background is royal blue.

Flag 2: The top quarter of the flag is royal blue showing a simple galleon in white. Below is a red lion (rampart) facing left on a white background.

Flag 3: The top third of the flag is emerald green and the lower two thirds is purple. These two areas are separated by a white wavy line. To the right of the flag there looks like a football (?) in white and purple sitting on a green open book (?)


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1 cheshire
22:27 Thu 01st Sep 2011
1 cheshire
Hi crofter,
Have you seen this.....maybe some help
Question Author
Thanks for the quick responses.

scotman: This was my main resource to get six of the flags.

emu777: Your "cheshire" was "spot on"! Well interpreted.

My good friend, x-ray: Your link was very useful giving Devon for flag 2.
This is my first return to AnswerBank in six weeks.
Nice to see you're there, crofter, and still quizzing. We miss you on MM.
if you're still looking for flag 3 it's South Yorkshire
and click on images!
Question Author
emu777: You are quite right. What I took to be a "football" was a white rose and the "open book" was an emblished SY!

Thanks for the effort.

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English County Flags

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