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oarsman | 15:23 Tue 12th Apr 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Looking through this section on Answerbank I have found requests for the answers to 29 Quizmail questions 8,10,12,14,19,33,43,46,53,56,61,62,66,88,89,90,91,93,98,103,107,111,114,132,135,137,142,143 and 144.

This is amost 20% of the questions and I understand there is still one week to go. I have often come across the words "I only do Quizmail for fun"  wouldn't all you people who want others do do the research for you have more "fun" if your entry was all your own work?


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lets have the answers then sport!
How sad
dear me
I agree oarsman, asking A question is one thing - asking everyone else to virtually do the entire quiz for you is another - some challenge - some satisfaction
Did you also check how many differant people had asked questions ; I doubt if many people needed all these.

What an innovative idea, as we are fed up with doing quizzes because they are getting too easy, lets start to trawl through sites that only exists for questions and answers and just keep on getting on the backs of evferyone that uses them.  Oarsman, you have done nothing but bicker about it all month....and you don't even do quizmail any more.

I agree with some of your points but you don't really have to visit this site if it winds you up so much. You are not alone in your views, there are several who have voiced their opinions claiming that they are guided to this site whilst googling for answers.  You also have the choice not to visit it because if it does come up as one of the options it is so obvious that you can just ignore it.

Of course if it is the only option then you need to google something different.

Question Author

Does it really matter how many different people asked these questions? Everyone has the opportunity to read all of the answers that are posted.

What I don't understand is if they are doing the quiz for "fun" why don't they send in the answers they have found themselves.

I am sure that if they were sitting an exam none of these people would expect the others sitting the same exam to give them their answers.   

Question Author

Del424 You have the wrong impression of me it doesn't wind me up at all just disappoints me that so many people nowadays want everything made easy for them.

I can understand that some quizzers who have spent weeks searching for answers get frustrated when they are stuck on the last one or two but to continually ask for answers when there are still weeks to go before the closing date strikes me as laziness.

I visit the site not because I am directed here by googling but because I choose to do so as I endeavour to find the answer to every question I read which can only add to my knowledge.

I would say that I have managed to find the answers for all the Quizmail questions that have been asked (except the pictures which I haven't seen) and I think most of them only took two or three minutes googling.

what is your problem?
I wish all the moaners and groaners would just go away and leave us all alone and let us decide ourselves how and where we get our answers.
How do you know you have all the RIGHT answers?

The point I was trying to make is we listened to your opinion earlier in the month and I am sure that many of us have taken you comments on board.  So why have you brought up the subject again?

Have you done a similar survey for dingbats or deltoids or whatever they are called or the Sunday Express crossword.  You only need a copy of the Collins English Dictionary - Millenium edition and all the answers to the Sunday Express crossword are there, all you have to do is look for them.  People still feel that they have to post questions on the quizzes and puzzles.

Why is there a quizzes and puzzles section on this site? Why are questions posted on it? Why do people offer so many answers?  and more importantly why does someone who does not do a particular quiz feel so strongly about the actions of some of the participants? Why victimise Quizmail?

There are over 500 entrants for quizmail each month but you will probably find only 6 or 7% ever make any comments on this site.  So it does look like the vast majority of quizmailers don't even visit this site. 

I'm 100% with you, oarsman. It would appear that many people who persist in posting question after question here don't understand how to use the simplest of search engines or even how to open a book or even how to read every word in a question properly.

It is not simply sad that this is their idea of 'entering' a quiz - I honestly believe that Quizmail's days are numbered and that other similar quizes will close soon, for obvious reasons, thanks to the selfish few.

If postal quizzes fold it will not be because of this site or others like it, it will be because of the seemingly narrow minded attitudes of people like Quizmonkey who has now joined the fray.  It is a good ploy, while I am busy arguing with you objectors (for want of a better word) I am wasting time when I could be checking my answers for this month's entry.

There were over 500 entrants in 2003; there are still over 500 entrants in 2005.  If this site were such a crime then why have numbers not dwindled.  We know that Oarsman is one who has dropped out but why did he stop doing Quizmail? because he felt that it was getting too easy. 

I think you should be grateful if you have the good fortune to just look up a question in whatever media you decide and find the right answer in minutes. Some of us are not that fortunate, some of us are indeed novices at this sort of thing, does that mean that we shouldn't do Quizmail until we get better at it.

Question Author

Thanks Quizmonkey.

sillymoo. I obviously cannot be 100% sure that I have all the answers correct but if I haven't I will still have the satisfaction of knowing that every answer I have was found by searching for it myself.

I will make this my last post on this subject but it would be nice if just one of the people who post questions within days of receiving their quiz would just admit that they are looking for the easiest way to find their answers. 

Thanks for you input Oarsman, and indeed Quizmonkey, I am not totally opposed to what you say but I do think that you are perhaps going OTT about the use of this site.  Regards.

You make it sound like one person has asked for all these answers!

When there are 150 Qs and just one answer alludes you, even after countless searching - whats wrong with asking for hints. Most people don't ask for direct answers, but a pointer in the right direction.  Just because you can get all the answers, dont assume the people that can't are lazy - its not as though we post up all 150 questions as soon as its through the mail box.

Yes the excuses are always there, "i'm on my own", "its only for fun" and yes some people ask for 10 answers in one post 2 days after the thing is released, but come on, we all pay our fee and most of us have no chance of winning, but still contribute to the winner's prize. We can't all be Paul Smith, but at least we send in a sheet with 150 answers, right or wrong.

I really don�t understand why people keep whingeing about people asking for help with quiz questions.  Surely that is why this category of TheAnswerBank exists.  If you don�t want help or are not prepared to offer help to others, then don�t use this site.

From a personal viewpoint, I only found out about the existence of Quizmail from this site, and have thoroughly enjoyed taking part ever since.  I enjoy the challenge, especially since I can now interact with other Quizmailers and have online discussions about the answers, eg BATA and SENEGAL.  I find it interesting to see other people�s ideas and suggestions, together with their reasons, and feel a great sense of satisfaction when I can assist someone else. 

Even when someone helps me with an answer, I still try to find proof before using the answer.  I think this site adds enjoyment to doing quizzes and will not affect the future of Quizmail in the long-term.

I look forward to enjoying many more in-depth discussions with genuine Quizmailers in the future, and hopefully, those that don�t approve will leave us alone.
This site is so educational: I now have two definitions that don't appear in my dictionary. CHALLENGE can apparently mean shortcutting a quiz by eliminating all work and research; and SATISFACTION now means the result of handing some undeserving person an answer on a plate. How edifying! I must phone the OED.

I'm sure the various organisers of the postal quizzes appreciate knowing just how 'challenging' and 'satisfying' the results of their hard work are now.

144  Could be part of the leg

137 to do with farm animals

107 can only be one of two songs

103 think of a reindeer

If people shouldn't ask for clues with quizzes, what about Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  They are allowed to ask for help and the prize as we know can be megabucks.  I know, it's a different format, but so what?  So, yes, I will ask for a clue if I need it and I'll help anyone else, if I can.

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