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oarsman | 15:23 Tue 12th Apr 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Looking through this section on Answerbank I have found requests for the answers to 29 Quizmail questions 8,10,12,14,19,33,43,46,53,56,61,62,66,88,89,90,91,93,98,103,107,111,114,132,135,137,142,143 and 144.

This is amost 20% of the questions and I understand there is still one week to go. I have often come across the words "I only do Quizmail for fun"  wouldn't all you people who want others do do the research for you have more "fun" if your entry was all your own work?


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As far as I can tell, the questions asked here are all asked by different people and they only appear to be about 20 out of the 150 questions that occur. Any answers given are at the discretion of the people who visit this site, they could be right, they could be wrong. It is up to the quiz contestant if they use this answer or not. Basicaly what I'm trying to say is if you don't like this site why do you come here in the first place, is it to get answers, or is it to moan, whichever it is you will always pick up clues to the right answer.

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I wasn't going to bother saying anything else but firstly if you had read my postings you would know that I don't enter Quizmail so I have no use for the answers.

Secondly you are right I did make a mistake there are 30 questions asked not 29 I missed No.11.

It doesn't really matter to me whether people want to post the answers to all 150 questions as they have every right to do so but as a schoolmaster it  saddens me to see so many people taking the easy way to find their answers.

This is definitely my last posting on this question as I can see that those who do look for their answers here can see nothing wrong in what they are doing.

While you are phoning the OED why don't you get them to add QUIZMONKEY with definition 'person whose opinion is not really of interest to anyone' hence the saying ' couldn't give a monkey's'

Oh and by the way Quizmonkey, the person on this topic who brough up the word SATISFACTION was oarsman.....wasn't he the persona you turned up to support?

My posting was in response to someone called hotrocker - the fact that one word I used was used in a previous posting in a different context is hardly relevant.

Ok I've a question

From a reason already given (namely - i visit this site to see how many answers have been given away), why do people that think this site is lazy/cheating feel the need to actually register? You can read posts without registering and so should have no need to register to a site and interact with people that upset/sadden you so.

Unless you want to post an answer/question there is no need at all to register.  Finding the site through google doesn't make you register either. So why join? Surely not just to complain to the 'lazy' masses who do no research.

I too found this site while googling for a Quizmail answer. I'm disappointed to find people ask for answers for a prize quiz and are willing to let others do the work for them. If there's no prize offered then ok, you get the answer without having to research or work out the answer for yourself, but that doesn't affect anyone else.

I realise that this isn't going to make any difference to those who feel that having to look in books, visit libraries and trawl through CD Roms is too slow for them. It does, however, devalue the work others do finding the answers for themselves.

The reason we can see nothing wrong oarsman is that there is nothing wrong.  We are not harming anyone, the facility is here and it is here to be used.

Everyone has the choice to either use this site or not use this site.  I do feel that is wrong though for you and Quizmonkey and Postalquiz to automatically assume that because someone has posted a question that they have not done any research. Surely as a schoolmaster you drum into you pupils all the time  'if you don't know then ask'  After all doesn't that come under the basics of learning.  Anyway as a schoolmaster I am surprised that you ever found time to do Quizmail in the first place.

It is not the easy way, you will find that for the most part questions are posted in desperation the answer refuses to come no matter how much research you do. If we all did exactly the same thing, then we would all get exactly the same answers and provided one of us got 150 then the rest of us would 150.

You will see that although I have contributed this month I have not posted any questions.  In February my team would have benefitted had we not got into the Bata/ Santa Isabel debate and come up smelling of the non rosy kind. So please don't accuse people who us this site as being lazy, or undeserved or taking the easy way out.  It could sometimes be the case but you are tarring everyone with the same brush which is unfair.

The reason I feel so strongly to the various comments is that I enjoy this site and I shall continue to this site but I resent someone who doesn't know me from Adam calling me a cheat, automatically assuming that I am 'letting someone else do the all the work'

This will also be MY last posting on this topic. Thank you Oarsman, Quizmonkey, Postalquiz and apparently Hotrocker for your contributions, it has been an interesting diversion from this month's quiz.

Well said Del424. I too will carry on using this site, so I've no doubt we'll be chatting again.

For the benefit of Quizmonkey, I do understand the meaning of Satisfaction and Challenge, and can assure you that I chose those words with care.

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