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montalbano | 15:50 Sat 13th Aug 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What is any one of a group of Baleen marine mammals ranging in size fromblue whale to minke?

Thanks Montalbano

By the way don't be so patronising Mr Lie in King.


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This is not the way to get help.

Try "cetacean" although if you followed Lie-in King's advice and gave number of letters could be more sure.
I apologise if you thought I was being patronising!

What I was actually trying to do was point out to you that it's both usual & polite to include as many details in your question as possible. There are many of us here that enjoy being able to offer help if we're able, but none of us are mind-readers, I'm afraid.

The answer you require is -

Sat Tel GK

43a Rorqual
Lie-in -king is never patronising, only ever helpful and polite in my opinion.
montalbano.L-in-K isn't being patronising. He's trying to help you and people who would like to help but can't if you don't give us the full clue and number of letters.
montalbano you have been on the site long enough to know L-I-K is not at all patronising but if we havent got the crossword it helps if you give us how many letters and any you have got
M How rude and hurtful!
Apologies are in order from you montalbano to LIK, he is one of the most liked abers
Montalbano......What possible satisfaction can you get from completing a puzzle when other people have supplied so many of the answers? There, now that's how to patronise!!
i totally concur with all the comments made. How rude of Montalbano. He/she should not expect help if they cannot take constructive criticism about the way they used this site.

Another tip- try posting all your questions in one post.
he's a bit of an manky old puss but he wouldn't harm a fly (lol).

running your sharp claw down the middle of a laptop screen is not recommended.
Good grief, don't you dare use that tone to Maj, how rude.
Was :-(

Now :-) Thanks, all!

Lol @ DT - good job I don't own one...
3 cheers for L-i-k!!
Yes three cheers for L.I.K, the doyen of the crossword section of AB
I believe Montalbano has left the playground. Can't blame her really, bearing in mind the size of our gang. Now, who can we get next......?
LOL Montalbano does not do replies, but hope she reads this.
I note 31 questions, 0 answers since she joined so I wouldnt be counting on a thank you or sorry. Rude cow.
L-i-K is one of the most patient, polite, knowledgeable people on the site. Shame on you for your boorishness.
Oooh I've answered more than I asked! Nice to know.

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