Famous Faces Picture Charity Quiz - help with missing numbers/faces

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ClaireStan | 18:07 Sun 17th Jul 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please could anyone help me with the last few famous faces on the attached quiz. Link posted here
Numbers I am missing are;
34 ?footballer


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123 - Nigel Short (chess grandmaster)
54. Doris Lessing
66. Jennifer Ehle
Only ones I can help with are
74 Russian author of Dr Zhivago
100 Former Gen Sec of UN and President of Austria

144 MIGHT be The [email protected]@@

Do you have any clues for 82, 138, 139 and 148 please

34. Chris Ashton (Rugby Union)
73. Katharine Merry
144. Mark Philippoussis
159. Sir Ken Morrison
for Famous5
138. Guy Martin
148. Caster Semenya
If 74 is the author of Dr Zhivago as famous5 says, then it is Boris Pasternak.
By the same token 100 would be Kurt Waldheim.
100 is not Kurt Waldheim. He is number 112.

Can you please tell me who is number 146 (the young guy in the brown top hat)? Thanks
Thanks for those. Sorry to mislead above on 100/112 - not paying attention

146 was one of the judges on So You Think You CAn Dance
146 sisco gomez
Question Author
139 I've put Anton Rogers
Can anyone give me any clues for the following please - 8, 38, 44, 46, 69, 104, 108, 125, 137, 139, 163 and 168. Thx
8 Magnificent Seven
38 Early BBC presenter, think burgers
44 Recent Wimbledon commentator
69 Current UK Minister
125 Tiger Bay
137 Forsyte Saga
163 Met 129, above his station
168 Gangster-movie star

Do you have any clues please for71, 82, 113, 114, 140

71. A Dame. One of the leading wheelchair marathon competitors of all time.
Question Author
113 ballerina
140 - I need answer too
I think 140 might be jason pollock.
51 ??tom hanks
Number 139 is Brendan O'Carroll, from the BBC TV series Mrs. Brown's Boys
Iv'e actually tried to find a picture for 51, I thought tom Hanks but i don't think it is, sorry. Hopefully someone else can help.

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Famous Faces Picture Charity Quiz - help with missing numbers/faces

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