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gobbynora | 14:07 Sun 17th Jul 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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4 dn (9) mollifying ?i???????
10 ac (9) permissible (cold this be allowable, giving the above clue an 'a' as the 4th letter)

12 ac (11) calculation ?????t???n?
15 ac (11) magnificent ???????n???

thanks for any replies


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some of my letters could be wrong as I find the puzzle quiet tough this weekend, I meant to add it's grid 1 for any one else who may be doing it
4d Placating?
Question Author
that won't fit there sandyRoe, the 'i' is from ripen, mature; as in fruit is the clue, thank you for the reply
4d - disarming
10a - allowable
12a measurement
15a resplendent

what have you to for 19 across, please and thank
Question Author
balliali,I just come back and seen your post, thanks for your help,i am wondering is bad the answer for 19 across, i will work it out and come back to you,thanks again
Well I have "WRY", but I am not convinced it is correct for the clue "AWRY". I had brisk for 16d (lively). Otherwise I am finished, but I will never get to like these crosswords, loved the old version. I also like the Sunday Business Post crossword, as it's fun to do.
Question Author
balliali, I just back, had my head stuck in dictionaries and problem solvers, wry is best answer, I knew it had to have an 'r' in center as I had fresh for 16 down, I'm sorry I never got to return the help you gave me, next time,I will look out for you, thanks, Nora

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