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denquiz | 21:16 Wed 13th Jul 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Asking for a friend who's doing this quiz (I'm not) so I'm not sure I've spelt the clue right. I think it's from the Rhino quiz, and the answers are all food and drink items.

Note hot dog (7 letters)

(It could possibly be Not Hot Dog)

I thought it could possibly be something to do with Chilli but can't find anthing of the right length that fits - or it could be Saveloy as it is a type of sausage but not a hot dog - am I thinking along the right lines here?

Any clues please greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


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is it sausage ? as in sausage dog (daschund, a member of the hound group)
I don't think it is sausage as I have that as the answer to another clue. Number 96. (sausages)
I am stuck on this one too. It is note hot dog.

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