MM Links Solutions June 2011 [Week 4]

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gen2 | 18:06 Sun 26th Jun 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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MM Links Solutions June 2011 [Week 4]


What a finish to a month! Such excitement has seldom been seen in cricket!
Three quarters of players helped to run up a total of 60 points.

I can now reveal that King Cliffyg's chosen links were:

TEST cricket
pitch BLACK
STICKY wicket
maiden VOYAGE

These found favour with many players, but who scored what and who is where on the leaderboard?

Read on.


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MAIDEN VOYAGE fell immediately to Paulineward and was matched within 2 minutes by Aquagility and Dinkypuzzled earning 2 points for each.

Tearinghair followed with STICKY WICKET. Ulysses100, Roslyn251254 and Lysander were within the timeframe for bonus points so 2 points each.

Two munutes past nine and Rockfordill thought he was still in the dark and opted for PITCH BLACK. Deecee131, Roslyn251254 (again), Grannydi, Lysander (again) and Middlestump joined in for the glut of 2-points on offer.

Just a couple of minutes later and player #14, Middlestump found the remaining link of TEST CRICKET (with a name like that it was destined to be), for 2 points.

Middlestump also matched PITCH BLACK (as just mentioned) and MAIDEN VOYAGE (sadly just outside the bonus timeframe) for 3 matches and a total of 5 points.

***** HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK *****

*** Honourable Mention *** should be made here of another treble hitter - Centrino who scored 3 single points again, only just outside of the bonus points.

. . . and Welcome Back Alibobs

Points this week were:

5 - Middlestump
4 - Lysander and Roslyn251254
3 - Centrino
2 - (17 players)
1 - (10 players)
Question Author

7 points - Middlestump & Paulineward
6 points - Dinkypuzzled, Lysander, Mrs Ont-Ice & Roslyn251254
5 points - Aquagility, Centrino & Jobjockey
4 points - Deecee, Mr Ont-Ice & X-ray
3 points - Brenden, Cupid04, Elspeth, Grannydi, Kawakiri & Ulysses100
2 points - 12 players
1 point -- 10 players

So Joint Champions this month are:

***** CUE THE FANFARE *****
***** - MIDDLESTUMP - *****
***** . PAULINEWARD . *****
***** . JUNE - 2011 . *****
***** C H A M P I O N S *****

. . . AND FINALLY, we come to the tricky part where we have to select Gliffyg's successor.

To me it seems obvious.
Out of the six players occupying the top two places on the leaderboard, there is only one who has never ever set the links.
I think it is also very appropriate since she has never had the chance of scoring early bonus points as our game starts at 4am her time! (Ontario, Canada)
Her achievement is all the more spectacular when that is taken into account.

I therefore have no hesitation in declaring that the next setter of MM links will be "The Ice Queen' Mrs Ont-Ice

****** THE ICE QUEEN ******
***** SETTER FOR JULY *****

See you all next weekend
Wow! I just had a text message telling me to check the MM links. I thought I'd made a bo bo. What a lovely surprise.
I hope I will be able to live up to expectations and of course will need Gen2 to guide me as I've never been the setter before. So thanks in advance to Gen2.
Thanks to CliffyG for alloweding Jess to pick the words knowing she was on my wavelength.
Thanks also to ALL players who really did make it difficult through the years to break through and come up trumps.
I know I didn't win outright but it's still a lovely surprise. Thanks to all and especially Dave (and Val)for intruducing us to this weekend madness that takes us away from puzzling puzzles and gives us a change to be 'a bit silly' in a very serious way.
PS. I don't think Gen2 will expect me to get up at 4am so with his permission I will give him the words on Friday if that is okay?
Well done Onty and of course you'll live up to expectations. I will look forward to trying look into your mindset. :-)) I hope I can do better than I have this month - Zero for me and 1 for Jim.

Thanks to cliffyg for this month and to crofter and Gen2.

See you all next week.
Another quick month :)

Congratulations to all point scorers and to the champions.

Am looking forward to next Saturday.
Phew, finally broke my duck for the month! Many thanks cliffyg and Gen2, and also to crofter for the beginning of the month (and years previously).
Thanks cliffyg and Gen2 and of course Crofter too. Well done the star scorers and, in particular, congratulations to Pauline - who has had a busy month looking after other people.
Rubbish again for me this week.

Well done all the points scorers.
Thanks to cliffyg, gen2 and crofter.
looking forward to your links Mrs.Ont-ice.When I was unable to do the links I suggested you to Crofter thinking it would be interesting to hear from another continent.Enjoy the month.Regards Lysander
My thanks to gen2 (if I can ever help with the continuous running of MM links please ley me know - crofter and seekerz have my email address) and cliffyg - keep raising that finger!

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MM Links Solutions June 2011 [Week 4]

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