MM Links Solutions June 2011 [Week 3]

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gen2 | 18:00 Sun 19th Jun 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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After hints at cricket, King Cliffyg then threw a googly and took Father's Day as his theme this weekend. Maybe that caught some of you off your guard.

I can now declare that his chosen links were:

FORE father
WEEK day
child MINDER
love STORY

There were many possible links for all four choices so players were really taking something of a lucky dip unless they had mental empathy with the King.
Read on to see where the points finished up.


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Handkerchiefs at the ready?
The bad news is that this was equal to the lowest scoring game in the history of MM Links so there will be many disappointed players tonight.

Only one of the early birds from the shrubbery picked up anything - that was Aquagility who looked at childcare from the other side and opted for CHILD MINDER for two points.

At 9:42, Jobjockey was probably jetlagged when on Saturday, he correctly thought WEEK DAY for his two points.

At 2:45 pm there was a sigh of relief as BOTH the remaining links of FORE FATHER and LOVE STORY were spotted from all the way across the Atlantic - and both by Mrs Ont-Ice.

Not only does she get a well earned 4 points, but also the accolade of

Everyone else scored Nul Points so my abacus still lies rusting in the shed.

At the end of the second week, the League Table is as follows:

FIVE POINTS: jobjockey & paulineward
FOUR POINTS: Dinkypuzzled & Mrs Ont-Ice
THREE POINTS: Aquagility, Mr Ont-ice & x-ray
TWO POINTS: centrino, Christiana, cupid04, deecee131, Handbaglady, lysander, middlestump, mirandasmum, owllady & roslyn251254
ONE POINT: boxtops, Brenden, Elspeth, Euphemia, grannydi, kawakiri, ladyalex, Magyar, ulysses100 & wickedtongue.
Question Author
Just one week left to play and absolutely ANYONE could win the game for June.
I will seek out the thumbscrews and ensure that King Cliffyg throws out the points like confetti next weekend, BUT, you all have to do your bit as well and guess them correctly!
To do that, you will have to watch out in Q&P as usual for the start of the MM Links game at 8:45 next Saturday.
Until next Saturday - Happy linking everyone.
Ah well, nowt for me this week - but thanks, gen2!
Thanks Gen2. The only link between CliffyG and moi is a black lab.
How goes the seach for your replacement?
Thanks Gen2 and King Cliffyg. Still waiting for my first points of the month!
Question Author
It looks like I'll continue doing it Onty. At least for a bit.
I think I can manage until Christmas with the help of a pay-as-you-go mobile internet dongle to cover two weekends and a fortnight away.

I have 2 such devices, (Vodafone and O2) but which to charge up when not sure about coverage. Vodafone let me down once before implying coverage was better than it actually was, so my preferred option is O2.
Free Fall Club beckons for Jim and I - Thanks to Gen2 and Cliffyg. Well done Mrs Ont-Ice - See you all next week.
Thanks Cliffyg and Gen2. Well done the point scorers, although none for me either this week, or this month.

Gen2, when going to buy a dongle I found out that the small Northern Irish town that I usually stay in has no mobile internet coverage although there is no problem using a mobile phone. You would think that if one worked the other would as well!
That's good news, Gen2, thank you very much for keeping us going. And if you are in touch with crofter, please tell him that in the shock of reading his posting last week I forgot to thank him for organising things up to now and bringing us so much fun.
I guess I'll just carry on trying :)

Thanks gen2 and King cliffyg
Sorry. I forgot to say thanks to CliffyG and to Jess who obviously was my inspiration.
Thanks cliffyg and gen2!
I hope I can just hold out and get a few points next week! :-)
Hello gen2,
Just to remind you that I am retiring this summer so could be able to assist you with the links as from August if required.
Regards, Iain.
Question Author
Thanks Iain, I'll keep you in mind.

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MM Links Solutions June 2011 [Week 3]

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