MM Links Solutions June 2011 [Week 2]

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crofter | 19:00 Sun 12th Jun 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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“They’re changing guards at Buckingham Palace.
King Cliffy’s going to go down with Alice”

Alice? Alice? Who the **** is Alice?

Still on a Queen/horsey theme, King Cliffyg was “Trooping the Colour” and went with the following link words:

Queen SIZE
Birthday SUIT
Colour BLIND
Guard RAIL

I see that new-comer albaqwerty is still trying to make an impact, although Euphemia made a little splash with her very first attempt!



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Thank you very much crofter for all your hard work and help I wish you and your partner all the very best and enjoy everything you can in the future I am sure Gen2 will keep things running smoothly for the time being.
19:43 Sun 12th Jun 2011
Question Author
Arriving in her bright blue roadster, roslyn251254 turned up in her BIRTHDAY SUIT (and turned many a head) for TWO POINTS. She was closely followed by middlestump, who claimed to be COLOUR BLIND for another TWO POINTS. The third Link Word of GUARD RAIL was predicted by Entrant # 12 (namely Dinkypuzzled) and TWO POINTS closed a period of heated exchanges.

In the meantime, early claims to be Colour Blind brought Two Points for lysander, deecee131 and owllady ~ and Christiana in her Birthday Suit was worth Two Points of anybody’s money! HOWEVER, just before the window closed, in came the shameless paulineward who not only was Colour Blind, but also in her Birthday Suit for FOUR massive POINTS to take the round. Yes, she is well and truly the HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK. She is so hot ~ that she sizzles!
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***
Question Author
Once the clock reached 09.06, only single points were on offer and these were earned by kawakiri, jobjockey, Elspeth, Brenden, grannydi & Aquagility (for Colour Blind) and Handbaglady, cupid04 & (new-comer) Euphemia (for Birthday Suit). Worthy of special mention was x-ray, who repeated pauline’s risqué double for well-deserved Two Points. With the game well advanced and one link yet to find, in came Mr Ont-ice with an inspired QUEEN SIZE and picked up the final TWO POINTS for the last link word!

At the end of the second week, the League Table is as follows:

FIVE POINTS: paulineward
FOUR POINTS: Dinkypuzzled
THREE POINTS: jobjockey, Mr Ont-ice & x-ray
TWO POINTS: centrino, Christiana, cupid04, deecee131, Handbaglady, lysander, middlestump, mirandasmum, owllady & roslyn251254
ONE POINT: boxtops, Brenden, Elspeth, Euphemia, grannydi, kawakiri, ladyalex, Magyar, ulysses100 & wickedtongue
Question Author
On a very personal note: I took early retirement from University over three years’ ago on the grounds of ill health. I had been developing Parkinson’s Disease since about the year 2000 and began to find it impossible to fulfil my duties as Head of Department. My partner of over 20 years accepted a severance deal only two months’ ago and since then has experienced severe pain in her right chest area.

Only this week, we learned the results of a CT scan, bronchoscopy and biopsies. The diagnosis is a grade-3 carcinoma affecting her right lung, lymph nodes and one of her ribs. Her condition is inoperable. Under these circumstances, I cannot justify spending six hours per week (mostly prime time) maintaining service of MM Links. I need to free up weekends, so that we can take advantage of any travel opportunities (home and abroad) that arise. As a very dear friend once said to me: “Carpe Diem”.
Question Author
In short, from this point onwards I am withdrawing from MM Links completely. This evening, I shall e-mail to my good friend, gen2, details of this current game to permit him to see things through to the end of the month of June. I have made many valued friends via AnswerBank, for which I will be eternally grateful. I have always said that as a group of individuals we have much in common ~ which is why we all get on so well together. I am therefore certain that my feelings on this matter will be well appreciated.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

many thanks for all the hard work you have done on here crofter
you have kept us the unruley mob in some sort of order over these years
all good wishes to val and yourself
take care
jan and steve
I have already emailed Crofter with my commiserations for both his and ***'s conditions. I fully appreciate what he is going through and wish them the best of luck for the future, though in the circumstances, luck has run out and I simply wsh that they both enjoy what time they have left together without the hindrance of the MM Links game which pales into insignificance in the great scheme of things.

As for the future of the game, I have guaranteed it for the remainder of the month but feel unable to take on the continuation of the game single-handedly.

I am willing to be a partner but the MM Game's future depends on what offers are forthcoming from other players?

The most computer literate that I know of are Strix and Cliffyg. How are either of you placed?

Does anyone else fell they can be of assistance?

I await your replies.
Sorry to hear you are retiring from the MM links Crofter. Many many thanks for all your hard work and entertaining us all so well. Hope you will drop in on us from time to time to see that we are all behaving (if that is possible - I'm not so sure about some of our motley crew though!)
My good wishes go to crofter and partner, I hope that the time you have left together brings you many happy times to remember. MM links won't be quite the same but I am sure that Gen2 will slip into the role and make sure we stay on the straight and narrow.
Thinking of you.
Di xx
Just to add that if you have been playing for all 4+ years you will be aware of its origins. If not, let me enlighten you.

Way back then, the Saturday Telegraph GK Crossword was set by a guy called Michael Mepham (hence the MM Game) who linked 4 answers from the Saturday crossword to 4 answers in the Monday Herculis Crossword. It became a sport on here trying to guess what his Monday links would be.

It was formalised into a came and rules + scoring were agreed by Crofter, Shamrockblue and others.

Then 'Disaster', Michael Mepham died and the links disappeared. What to do? We of course adapted the format by setting our own links to be matched with a monthly setter chosen from amongst our members..

Then second 'Disaster'. The Telegraph employed MM's daughter, Kate Mepham to continue the old format. What were we to do? We had our own game up and running and now KM was getting in on the act!

Well, Seekeerz (aka Steff) agreed to run the KM links game as it had originally been devised to go along with MM. Crofter sauggested that we continue the two games in parallel and see how they went - and it is still going.

I wonder if now is maybe the time to lay the MM links game to rest and to throw our support wholeheartedly behind Seekeerz for the KM game.

What do you all think?
Thank you very much crofter for all your hard work and help I wish you and your partner all the very best and enjoy everything you can in the future I am sure Gen2 will keep things running smoothly for the time being.
I am so sorry to hear that news, crofter. Will be thinking of you both. Jill
lol I'm very trying :)

This is addictive y'know.
Have you seen this dingbat?

l.. U ..l
l.. T ..l
l... I ...l

It Is Up To You
Having read the rest of your posts, I understand why you are withdrawing from MM links. I just wish it was under happy circumstances.

My best regards to you and your other half.
We are very sorry to hear this crofter, our prayers will be with you and Val. Jim and I will light candles for you both. We have enjoyed playing the MM links for what must be around 4 or more years, on 2 occasions being the setter. You will be missed. Please let us know how you both are from time to time.

Gen I would be sad to see the links game end - But as I would not be able to help (I don't feel confident enough to do so) If you can't get the help you need maybe it is time to call a halt and I would support any decision you make.
Thanks crofter for your dedication to the game over the last four years. Personally, it has given me an incentive to get up at a reasonable hour and pit my wits against a great mix of puzzlers each Saturday.
I knew that you had retired early - I will also become a pensioner in four weeks time.
You will be missed by us all.
Best wishes, Iain.
May I add my thanks to crofter for all the hard work and time he has dedicated to the links games over the years. As has already been said I wish your 'retirement' from the game could have been under happier circumstances. My thoughts and best wishes go to both yourself and your good lady.
I am so sorry to hear of your news, crofter. My thoughts are with you and your partner.
Thank you so much for all your work on this game and for all the help an encouragement you gave me when I was setting the links.
Life is so cruel sometimes.
ladyalex :-))
Crofter, both you and Val have my prayers and sympathy. I'm sure that we all fully understand and support your decision and wish you both well for the future. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the MM Links over the last four years; and for your advise and guidance to new 'setters'.
My best wishes to you both,
Dear Crofter, I am so very sorry to read your news. I knew you were ill but to hear the news about Val too is really upsetting.
You have made me laugh with your comments when ever I scored a point, and when I actually set the links I think I was on the phone to you every 5 minutes.!!!
I will miss your sarcastic comments but will always be grateful that you taught me how to spell "tommorrow......toomorow........toomorrow....
Lots of love and hugs to you and Val, will be thinking of you
Love Kay xxxx

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