MM and KM Links June 2011 Week [2]

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crofter | 19:19 Fri 10th Jun 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last week saw the first round of Racing Tipster, cliffyg, who successfully picked out “Pour Moi” as winner of the Epsom Derby. Our latest regal setter, “King Cliffyg” was one of my very first MM Link setters, chosen over four years ago! A lot has happened in the intervening years ~ not always for the best. I think that cliffyg is virtually unique in that he compiles his very own preamble word for word. Over these last four years, I have tinkered with almost every submitted preamble ~ under the guise of adapting submissions to adhere to the MM Links format.

At this point in time, I have absolutely no idea what cliffyg has compiled for tomorrow morning’s launch. All I can say in good faith is that you should look out for King Cliffyg’s first appearance on AB tomorrow at 08.45am ~ followed by a declaration of his four words to be linked at 9.00am.


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As usual, I ask that you should also look out for the international version of this same game which is called KM Links and kicks off at a very early hour (which is difficult to predict precisely). Consequently, the timing of your posting is deemed to be irrelevant ~ only the number of hits you are able to register. The regular organiser of KM Links comes all the way from Oz ( Roo-land) and is my good friend, “seekeerz”. She is truly the “Wizard-ess of Oz.

Both games remain open for most of the weekend and all entries are scored and entered on to master scoreboards to trace progress through each monthly contest. As for myself, I shall next appear on Sunday at 7.00pm, when I have a very important announcement to make. If you are not in the habit of reading the Sunday Evening blurb, break the habit and read to the end of my posting.

Until we meet again, may I wish you ~ “Happy Linking”!

What? What? Now we shall be wondering - and worried - all weekend, crofter!
Evening. x

I'm hoping to score 2 points one month, My hat is off to Crofter, Middlestump and others for their dedication to this intriguing game. tease!

Well it's been a busy week or two here. I had Sarumite to stay last week, and while he was here my twin neices arrived at 6 months prem! They weighed 1lb13oz and 2lb10oz.
They are a week old now, and are progressing slowly, and the Doctors are pleased with them. They are so tiny!

It's sent us all running in every direction! :-)
Goodness Pauline, what a shock! Hope all is well with them. (I presume there wasn't any direct connection bewee Sarumite's presence and the babies' early arrival?)
Excuse the interruption.

Twin nieces, congratulations and I'm glad the doctors are happy with the tiny ladies. Hope all is well with their parents xx

:Please let us know how they get on and when they're home :)
You're not interrupting albqwerty...thanks for asking.
I will do! I will keep you all updated. They will be in Special Care for a while yet.

I think my sister is still in a state of shock.
Sarumite was here for all the excitement!

I wonder what Crofter is up to? :-)
Probably getting over the shock of you being an auntie twice over in one fell swoop :) x

(Alba please pauline, the full name is only for high days and holidays!)

I hope the little'uns continue to thrive. I can't imagine how petite they must be. Son's pal is a recent daddy to a 7lb 8ox handsome devil, .... I'm thinking I must start a thread.

Sorry Ed
They are like little dolls Alba. (since it's not a high day or a holiday!) :-))
I am sure evveryone is in bed now but just thought I would pop on and say hello. The forecast is for rain tomorrow so I may be here at 9am !! It would be lovely to score a couple of points !!!
Goodnight everyone x
Pauline! Why wasn't that on the (Inter-) National News and headlined in all the papers?

They must be the first babies to survive being born SIX MONTHS prematurely.
Though I suppose anything is possible in the Pauline household
Good luck to them and beast wishes to yourself, the pround Auntie.
never mind crofter - at 7pm friday neither did i
my week included hosting a tape ball bangladeshi 20:20 cricket match at my home club loughton
scoring for the club cricket conference against london university
and watching one of our league's new progressive clubs belhus take on the international outfit called lashings - despite the rain
my county under 14 side is heading for cambridge on sunday weather permitting and i am scoring today also if the rain holds off
it is always a pity when events which attract a large crowd are ruined by bad weather
where will people be heading today
pauline i have also been through the arrival of twins in the family lady jo and i are grandparents to twin boys born feb 2010
I'll bet they're a handful now cliffyg!

Sorry, but I went to bed early last night...shattered.

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MM and KM Links June 2011 Week [2]

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