MM Links Solutions May 2011 [Week 4]

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crofter | 19:05 Sun 29th May 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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For once, I have put family before this MM Links posting ~ so I am running very late. I hope to return to this posting at 8 o’clock with further details but in the meantime I can disclose that “King Wickedtongue” went with the following link words:

Flower POWER (a very popular early choice)
BEER Garden

NOW READ ON (at 8 o’clock)


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Many points fell to the early birds going for FLOWER POWER for TWO POINTS starting with rockfordill heading a long list including patchett, roslyn251254, gen2, Christiana, deecee131, centrino, Jools, owllady, lysander, cliffyg,teacher2 & Aquagility. Entrants #6 and #7 excelled themselves as recent royal setters, middlestump and beejay1124, picked up FOUR POINTS for Flower Power together with SHOW DOWN or PRIM ROSE respectively.

After 09.04 (with the final link word left yet to be discovered) the opportunity for bonus points slipped away, with seekeerz heading the single point scorers to bring her monthly total to an impressive Five Points! Flower Power continued to be a money spinner with jobjockey, LaneyB, kawakiri, ChrisHewat, x-ray & fordward each claiming a share. Towards the end on the game ladyalex gained Two Points for green-fingered options Flower Power and PrimRose.
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Surprisingly, the final link of BEER GARDEN had to wait until the Canadians burst on the scene and Mrs Ont-ice showed the British entrants the way to close the game! Well done indeed. The time had come to take stock of performances over the entire month of May.

The top of the League Table after this final week is as follows:

TEN POINTS: Aquagility, cliffyg & lysander
EIGHT POINTS: gen2 & roslyn251254
SIX POINTS: beejay1124, BigMac, Dinkypuzzled, Jools, middlestump & patchett
FIVE POINTS: seekeerz
FOUR POINTS: centrino, deecee131, owllady, Strix & teacher1

Many of those named above are ex-champions and I must begin by excluding Aquagility as he last set the links exactly a year ago. Turning to cliffyg and lysander, I note that lysander stands out as the “big hitter” having scored SIX POINTS during Week[1]. Therefore, I shall invite lysander to step forward and accept the MM Links crown as the royal setter over June.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

thank goodness for that
I'm laughing at cliffyg's expression of relief!
Thanks wickedtongue and crofter.
Congratulations to the 10 pointers and good luck lysander.
Like cliffyg, I'm relieved because I shall not be on parade for the next two weekends. Have fun everyone - I know lysander will do a great job.
Many thanks for the honour of setting the links next month but I go to Kent on Tuesday to visit my daughter so I must decline.Besides I think your original idea that a new setter should have the chance each month is preferable.If the time zone permits I suggest Mr and Mrs Ontice.It would be interesting to hear from a different continent.
My thanks for the honour and your input,
Regards Lysander

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MM Links Solutions May 2011 [Week 4]

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