MM Links Solutions May 2011 [Week 3]

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crofter | 18:01 Sun 22nd May 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Congratulations to you all for unlocking “Castle Wickedtongue” and claiming a handsome haul of points. For this round, “King Wickedtongue” tried in vain to disguise his theme of “The Original Love Game … Tennis” where he went with the following link words:

French KISS (I was fully expecting Handbaglady’s choice!)
Open WIDE (or WIDE Open)
Tennis ELBOW (I put a ban on TONSIL Tennis)
Court CARD (as in Bridge & Poker)

I should like to point out to recently joined contestant, Brenden, that (Tennis) Tournament has 10 letters and the maximum permitted is eight letters.



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Many points fell to the early birds starting with roslyn’s familiar blue sports car and her risqué FRENCH KISS for TWO POINTS. Entrant #3 was patchett playing dentist and requesting that we OPEN WIDE ~ again for TWO POINTS. She was followed by the returning gen2 who claimed FOUR POINTS for TENNIS ELBOW & French Kiss. The mighty lysander complained of Tennis Elbow before tearinghair dealt the fatal blow to find COURT CARD (the final link word).

With the clock standing at 09.02, there was still plenty of time for entrants to pick up bonus points. Players to benefit from this included BigMAc, centrino, Elspeth, cliffyg, seekeerz(!) and grannydi ~ each claiming Two Points. However , in the midst of these came Aqugility to claim yet another Four Points for French Kiss and Wide Open!

Another 20 minutes went by without further action, until those chasing One Point entered the Contest. In all, only Jim, Strix, cupid04, Handbaglady, albeqwerty and twix123 came forward to strike it lucky. Looking back over the whole game, honours were shared between gen2 and Aquagility and jointly they are the HOT SHOTS OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***
Question Author
The League Table after this third week is as follows:

EIGHT POINTS: Aquagility, cliffyg & lysander
SIX POINTS: BigMac, Dinkypuzzled, gen2 & roslyn251254
FOUR POINTS: Jools, patchett, seekeerz & Strix
TWO POINTS: beejay1124, centrino, ChrisHewat, deecee131, Elspeth, grannydi, Handbaglady, kawakiri, middlestump, owllady, SHAZZA, teacher1, tearinghair, twix123 & ulysses100
ONE POINT: albaqwerty, cupid04, fordward, jobjockey, joto, regward & TheOtherHalf

These scores will form the base for next week’s final round of May, when the MM Royal Linker for the month of June will be elected.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

Thanks to wickedtongue and crofter -crofter, could you check Jims score (not that it makes a lot of difference, we are way behind the leaders) but I think he should have 4 the same as me. We entered late last week. You emailed me to say he had a point - maybe you didn't add it in????
Freefall this month.
Well done all the points scorers.
Thanks to Wickedtongue and crofter.
Thanks wickedtongue and crofter. I'm pleased to get on the scoreboard after several blank weeks.
Thanks crofter and King Wickedtongue for my points for the month. I doubt that I'll be able to access a laptop next week as I'll be in West Donegal (next stop America) on my annual golfing break.
Ah well, none for me at all this month, yet!
Am feeling dizzy at such heights - or is that because i've just got back from the 7s at Twickenham?

Congrats to all - an intriguing final week awaits... ... ... ...

None for me... ;_(

Well done Aqa and gen2.
Not one point this week (or last week either) Well done to point scorers and thanks Crofter and Wickedtongue.
good grief !! four points in two weeks !! staggers off to KM in shock... thanks wickedtongue and crofter
Disappointed with French letter, but at least I scored a point. Well done everyone.
Wow! It's been a long time since the canons roared for me! And sharing the honour with gen2 only adds to the quality of the moment! Thank you, Wickedtongue and Crofter.
As a matter of interest, where does the stanza come from, Crofter? The only possible source I can find is
"The canons roar like thunder and the blazing bullets fly.
The silver trumpets sound to drown the mournful cry."
And I don't even know the source of that. ...

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MM Links Solutions May 2011 [Week 3]

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