MM Links Solutions May 2011 [Week 2]

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crofter | 19:02 Sun 15th May 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The current campaign of “King Wickedtongue” to quit smoking certainly struck many a sympathetic chord with several entrants. For my part, I gave up about 15 years ago with the help of patches (supported very occasionally by chewing gum when in the presence of heavy smokers). For this round, “King Wickedtongue” chose the following link words:

Stop C0CK (after all, you were dealing with Wickedtongue!)
CHAIN Smoking
Cigarette LIGHTER
GOOD Health (the ultimate target)



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Points proved very hard to come by and the first dozen entrants left pointless. Unlucky for some(?), Number 13 arrived in the guise of seekeerz (followed quickly by Strix) wishing one and all “GOOD HEALTH” for TWO POINTS each. They were immediately followed by Dinkypuzzled with his CIGARETTE LIGHTER (and another TWO POINTS went up in flames).

Entrants #17 and #18 cleared the shelves, when BigMac offered CHAIN SMOKER and cliffyg went for dubious STOP C0CK (each picking up TWO POINTS). With all links claimed, another dozen regulars came and left empty handed until new comer, TheOtherHalf picked up One Point for Cigarette Lighter. I should point out that you can pick up Two Points if you are the first to suggest a particular link word or predict the same link within three minutes of the first person! Furthermore, your “Pit Stop” cannot be a scorer as we have simplified things by asking that predicting words with at least FOUR letters and at most EIGHT letters. Please try again, next week!

Thereafter, paulineward, cupid04 & twix123 scored single points in the closing part of the game, but not before ChrisHewat scored a belated double whammy for Two Points. As the only entrant to achieve this, I am happy to nominate Chris as the HOT SHOT OF THE WEEK.
*** Let trumpets sound and canons roar ***
*** The peasants cheer and shout “Encore” ***
Question Author
The League Table after this second week is as follows:

SIX POINTS: cliffyg & lysander
FOUR POINTS: Aquagility, BigMac, Dinkypuzzled, Jools & roslyn251254
TWO POINTS: beejay1124, ChrisHewat, deecee131, gen2, Jim, kawakiri, middlestump, owllady, patchett, seekeerz, SHAZZA, teacher1 & ulysses100
ONE POINT: cupid04, fordward, Handbaglady, jobjockey, joto, paulineward, TheOtherHalf & twix123

These scores will be built upon as the month of May continues under the control of King Wickedtongue and his Queen, Lady Silvertongue.

Until we meet up again: HAPPY LINKING!

Crofter, did you pick up our late entry? It doesn't change anything for me but I do believe that Jim managed to find 1 point. :-))
Thanks King Wickedtongue and Crofter. At least I scored a point this week.... although I still haven't been able to give up smoking, but what can be expected after 50 years of keeping the Government coffers filled!
Question Author
JimJools, Thanks for the prompt. When I went for "Post", I hadn't at that time been back to check for late submissions.
Why does even Strix's avatar remind me of a cigarette packet?!!
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MM Links Solutions May 2011 [Week 2]

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