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venator | 08:28 Fri 13th May 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Just seen a post re Chambers Word Wizard - hadn't seen it before, looks like a jolly useful program.

It reminded me, I bought Crossword Maestro ages ago, and stopped using it because it was too good! It solves Times & Guardian cryptic clues half the time, and has a word search with wild cards too. You can actually put the whole crossword into it, and it solves quite a lot without human intervention.

I've got it working with Windows 7, but don't intend to use it.

If anyone wants to send me a sample clue with the word length and any letters you have, I'd be happy to run it and post the results.

Another good utility is the full OED online - In Manchester, I can access it at home with my library ticket number.


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There are various free online crossword solvers e.g. and ; the latter site also has a good anagram solver .
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Thanks Bibblebub.

I'll try those sites and CM with a couple of Grauniad ot Times Cryptic, and see how they tackle them. If you want to give me a clue to try, I'll check back in a bit...
Thanks for the offer but I can solve crosswords without needing someone else to do it for me.
Gegs ---------/----. ? I know the answer but have never found an on line crossword solver that can work it out.
My favourite one is the AB.
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No offence, old chap, I'm just playing with software - I solve my own crossies, too.
I do the Times or Grauniad Cryptic most days.

How did you get it working under win7? I've got 64bit win7 Ultimate & it hangs during the unpack/setup.

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Crossword solving software

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