MM and KM Links May 2011 Week [1]

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crofter | 17:59 Fri 06th May 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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For these last few weeks, I have been devoting more and more time to the garden and ending up physically drained of an evening. This programme of work has made running the MM Links a second-class activity and maintenance has often been left as last thing. As a result, contact with wickedtongue has been delayed longer than is reasonable and I have reverted to a Plan B. This will take the form of ME (crofter) setting tomorrow’s Week[1] MM Links and wickedtongue dealing with Weeks [2] to [4].

This should buy us the time needed to prepare everything in good time and, as far as participants are concerned, the join will hardly be noticeable(?) I should open the launch tomorrow morning at 08.45am and declaring the four words to be linked at 9.00am. This will be a brand new MM Links challenge and remember ~ early MM hits gain bonus points!


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As usual, I ask that you should also look out for the international version of this same game which is called KM Links and kicks off at a very early hour (which is difficult to predict precisely). Consequently, the timing of your posting is deemed to be irrelevant ~ only the number of hits you are able to register. The regular organiser of KM Links comes all the way from Oz ( Roo-land) and is my good friend, “seekeerz”. She is truly the “Wizard-ess of Oz.

However, as I always say ~ “Why not chance your arm at both Link Games?” You have nothing to lose. Both games remain open for most of the weekend and all entries are scored and entered on to master scoreboards to trace progress through each monthly contest.

Until we meet again, may I wish you ~ “Happy Linking”!

Looking forward to the crofter/wicked tongue combination for May.
Maybe if we have some rain over the weekend you won't need to spend so much time watering the roses (if you have any), crofter!
Interesting anecdote for any cat-lovers (that would be you, Pauline); daughter had two cats, mother and son, very fond of each other (regular mutual face-washing etc.) The boy was run over and killed just over two weeks ago. Mother was fine for a while (she knew he was dead), but about ten days later isn't eating properly or wanting to do anything. The vet has given her a check and says she is fine, just mourning. Isn't that sad? (and I expect all the gardeners will be cheering!)
Not a problem, crofter, get your strength back.

I look forward in 8 days to wickedtongue's (he, I am told, of an "interesting" email address!!) offerings.
Evening all...what a fun month this will be!

Tearinghair, that's awful! How sad. I do hope she picks up a bit soon. Maybe if they got another small cat/kitten to keep her distracted?
It might come to that...but although she lives quite a way from the nearest main road there is a path through to it, and three of her cats have been run over there over the years. .A kitten might wander off in the same direction, whereas the remaining cat has never strayed far from her garden, and now is hardly going out at all so is fairly safe.
Let's hope she picks up soon then. Maybe a cat's home might have a rescue cat that would be okay where she lives. Poor cat.
I don't think a weed DARE grow in Crofter's garden!!
Is there anyone else in the shrubbery?
Hello all. I may be around early tomorrow as the forecast is rain here so no car boots. Crofter I know I am not on your wavelength so i don't hold out much hope for my guesses tomorrow.
I am here Pauline. How's the dog ??? LOL
We had to have the dogs hair cut....or shorn today! She is a Tibetan terrier, and she was due to have it cut a few weeks ago and couldn't. She rolled in muck and all sorts on a farmers field, and it had all matted! She had to be virtually sheared! She looks hideous.
I have refused to walk her out until it grows some.
Well I shall not guess any of Crofter's either Kay...I bet it's something to do with gardening!
i know nothing about gardening, apart from the fact it has started to bucket down with rain here and it will water my garden !
We could do with a bit up here Kay for our garden. Yes!...we need rain in Manchester! :-)
It heard's coming down now!
Is it heading towards Wigan, my garden needs a good drenching??
I will go out and blow it for you Miss meg!
Just made it - any chance of a lock-in?
Just popped back and it looks as if everyone has gone. What has happened to the nights we used to have in the past ??? Wine, chocs. Sarumite's cunning plans.......

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MM and KM Links May 2011 Week [1]

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