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PeterKent | 12:24 Sun 10th Apr 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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The answers to this quiz can be found in the clues, anagrams or hidden words and are all related to weather
1. The boar is wild under pressure (6)
2. Dan, I'm busy today (6)
3.Tea followed by Nightcap initially (7)
4.Neither frog nor toad in this brew (7)
5. Year of "The Great Storm in the south of englad (4)
6. Its not a single wheel bike (7)

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1, Isobar
1. isobar
4. tornado
5. 1987
6. cyclone
3 Typhoo-n(ightcap)
2. Nimbus........

That took a while...It's my job as well, nice clues

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