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Raebet | 14:16 Tue 05th Apr 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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can anyone please give me clues to 72, 90 and 96, these are the only questions my 83 year old mother has left and shes having sleepless nights with them going round and round in her head.


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Any ideas what the actual questions are?
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Sorry the questions are as follows:
72. Put your hands on lower face and stop talking. 4,4,3
90. Communication: Seawater amazingly washes filthy clothing in seconds! 5
96. Brooding about jail, he managed to send pictures. 4,5,5
72 - lower face = chin. Find a 3 letter word for that

90) keyword here is seconds

96) anagram
Question Author
Thanks Goofy, think we have 72 and 90 but still struggling with 96, can't understand what its an anagram of!
Question Author
Thanks everyone for your help, have now solved the last of the clues!
i have the answers to these would you be willing to swap answers for numbers 12, 50 and 64
i have the answers to these would you be willing to swap answers for numbers12. 50, and 64?
i can give you clues to these if you will swap them for clues to 12, 50 and 64

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Pull the communication cord

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