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DanLuke | 20:02 Thu 31st Mar 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This is a local quiz and I can't finish it ! It is cryptic clues and the answers are cars - and they can be either models, types or makers.
1, Pub for sale in Evesham
2,German city leaves
3. Sound like a crate spoon
4. Organise corn tie
5. Stored in this old hut
6. You pair can clear off
7. Pyrenees or alpine dog.
Thanks if you can help with any.


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2 Berlingo
3. Boxster
6 Yugo
4. Citroen
4 (anagram) CITROEN
5 (not sure) NISSAN
Will try to have another look tomorrow.
5. nissan (nissen)
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Doh - I have spent ages rearranging the letters of corn tie - but didn't come up with Citroen !! So simple when someone comes up with it !! Thanks.

For No.6 I had queried 'Twingo'. Do you think this fits better than 'Yugo' ?
7 Range rover
6 twingo
1. ??
2. Berlingo
3. Boxster
4. Citroen
5. Nissan
6. Twingo
7. Range Rover

If you get the Evesham answer, please post it - I can't work it out at all!

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Local Cryptic Car Quiz

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