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ezrasam | 21:35 Tue 29th Mar 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I'm really stuck on one question and would be grateful for some help. A clue or hint about where to look would be great. It's a song title B S by M. The 'B' is the first letter of the musical instrument. Thanks in advance.


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A few instruments beginning with B, if it helps:

Baritone saxophone/horn
Bass guitar/saxophone/clarinet/horn/flute/drum
Basset Horn
Barrel Organ
to ezrasam
the musical could be buggsy malone
dont know the instrument though
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Thankyou to everyone for trying to help. So far, though, I haven't made any progress despite going back to for the umpteenth time and googling possible song titles including some of the more unusual instruments from saxy_jag's list. Your suggestions are appreciated. Please keep them coming if you have any more ideas. Thank again.
You didn't follow the very first suggestion about using the search bar. It was answered before as "Bass Song by Metallica"
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Thanks again to everyone. In the meantime I found the missing answer by trawling around in the Answerbank Music section. I did try putting BS by M the answer bar, but without any success. My method must be flawed. What a relief to have a sensible answer to put down. Good luck to all of you with your ongoing quizzes.

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Camps Hill Allstars Musical Instrument Quiz

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