MM and KM Links March 2011 [Week 4]

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crofter | 18:57 Fri 25th Mar 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last week, the MM Links Game slipped forward to a THREE-minute advance before being launched on AnswerBank. I dread to think what will happen when the clocks SPRING forward (rather than FALL back). I always remember that October is THE longest month as it lasts 31 days and one hour! (A classical quiz question)

I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting Baron Brian ~ aka beejay1124, as his preambles are quite short, his links are not obvious but to the point and he awards so few points (hence scoring is a doddle). It just goes to prove that setting links need not be lengthy or onerous. (a lesson for apprehensive MM Links “virgins”)


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[Oh No! I, too, have been sucked into the three-minute time warp]

If all goes according to plan, Baron Brian should open the channel of communication on AB tomorrow at 08.45am and his final set of four words to be linked should be posted at 9.00am (or perhaps 08.57am). If you are new to the MM Links challenge, remember ~ early MM hits gain bonus points and on Sunday a new setter will acquire the MM Links Crown. They will be responsible for setting the challenge throughout the month of April.

As usual, I ask that you should also look out for the international version of this same game which is called KM Links and kicks off at a very early hour (which is difficult to predict precisely). Consequently, the timing of your posting is deemed to be irrelevant ~ only the number of hits you are able to register. The regular organiser of KM Links comes all the way from Oz (Roo-land) and is my good friend, “seekeerz”. She is truly the “Wizard-ess of Oz

As I always say ~ “Why not chance your arm at both Link Games?” You have nothing to lose. Both games remain open for most of the weekend and all entries are scored and entered on to master scoreboards to trace progress through each monthly contest.

Until we meet again, may I wish you ~ “Happy Linking”!
Evening all...what a lovely week it's been.
garden has been tidied, and you can find the shrubbery now! :-)
It's been gorgeous, hasn't it! Though I did have the first sighting of a bare-chested young man which was a bit of a shock (and quite unjustified, I'd have said - the temperature wasn't above 16C). Have been doing a spot of pruning and tidying, which was a useful antidote to a frustrating morning; nothing major, just the sort of day where you forget half the items from your shopping list and take the wrong Double Points token and then can't find your keys....
Hi tearinghair.
It's funny isn't it, the first signs of a bit of sun, and off come the clothes!
I've seen short tops, shorts and as you say no tops! :-)
Brrr! But I admit that I put my winter coat away in the 'don't use till November' section of the wardrobe.
Hope the warmer weather will start my brain working - I've got nowhere on MM or KM links this month.
Evening, all.

Glad you gardeners are getting out of the house - just coming up to the peak w/end for A&E departments, so be careful !!
I bet the Easter weekend will be busy there!
Forecast is for a cold day tomorrow.
Think I will stay in the shrubbery!
Sadly, on the wagon at the moment - otherwise I would join you!
Well you're there in spirit...a different kind!

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MM and KM Links March 2011 [Week 4]

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