Sunday Express Crossword

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Sunday Express Crossword Answers, Solutions and Hints

For some of us, there’s nothing better than putting our feet up on a Sunday morning and relaxing with the paper. The Sunday Express Crusader & His Squire presents a fun challenge, whether you attempt it using the straightforward or cryptic clues. Below is some handy crossword puzzle help so you can revel in the satisfaction of completing another Sunday Express crossword.
Express Cryptic crossword help
Often the answer to a clue can be found simply by rearranging the letters in a few words within the clue. Examples of such anagrams are below:
Q. Role our lad played in creating currency
A. Eurodollar (anagram of “role our lad”)
Q. Treading warily on slope
A. Gradient (anagram of “treading”)
The clue may also be within the question, with the letters in the correct order unlike an anagram, but spanning across two words:
Q. Time traveller angry or content
A. Era (travellER Angry)
Sometimes words in the answers have double meanings, or are a combination of two words, such as in the following example:
Q. Think brewing tea is kind
A. Considerate (consider, and ate is an anagram of tea)
You may also need to think more about the words and their spellings than what the clues actually mean, with words or letters being placed in the middle of words in order to make new ones:
Q. Painful condition of the stomach after swallowing egg
A. Gout (Stomach is gut, with an O in the middle of the word which represents the egg.)

With cryptic clues, it takes some practice to see the crossword setter’s way of thinking, but once you do, finding anagrams and looking at the spelling of the words as well as their meanings to find the answers will become second nature. You can get further crossword help by searching through questions in The Answer Bank and posting your own. Good luck!

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