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chokkie | 12:25 Sun 28th Nov 2010 | Crosswords
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Getting nowhere on this one today ....

1d person who shoots fish (7) m?????r
17d determined to capture attention, producing weapon (7) f??????
20d wound requiring, initially, blood transfusion - oner can resthere (4,3) t?i? b??
4d pick Spanish or French article, in part (9) e???????n

Manythanks, chox.


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1d Snapper ("shoots" as a photographer)
17d Firearm - 'ear' (attention) (in) 'firm' (determined)
20d Twin bed - b(lood) (in) 'twined' (wound)
4d Selection - 'le' (in) 'section'
17d Firearm
1d snapper
17d fir ear m
20d twin b ed
4d s el ection or se le ction
Thanks sedge, I forgot to put the 'el' option in for 4d...
Question Author
Many thanks everyone. Appreciate your prompt responses. Chox.
Question Author
Oops... one more:25a aggressive colonist confused many, taken in by cunning (4,3)
a?m? a?t

Many thanks, Chox.
25a ar my an t
25a Army ant - anag 'many' (in) 'art' (cunning)
Question Author
I'd never have known that one in a month of Sundays ... thanks so much LIK.

Question Author
... and thanks to sedge47 too. Sorry I left you out of my appreciation .... Chox.

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Sun Tel Cryptic 2564

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