Scientific Method Review Worksheet Crossword Puzzle

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Pleasehelpmoi | 20:48 Sun 19th Sep 2010 | Crosswords
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1. The ? is the part of an experiment that is not being tested and is used for comparison. 7 LETTERS

2. The ? describes the steps you use during an experiment. 9 LETTERS

3. After an experiment, scientists write a ? which summarizes their experiment and results. 10 LETTERS

4. The ? ? is a process used by scientists to find answers to questions or solve a problem. 16 LETTERS

5. The ? variable is the part of the experiment that is being tested or the part that is changed by the person doing the experiment. 11 LETTERS

6. The ? is an educated guess. 10 LETTERS

7. Scientists use their data to make charts and ? to communicate the results of an experiment. 6 LETTERS

8. After the scientist makes a hypothesis, they perform an ? to collect data. 10 LETTERS

9. The first step of the scientific method is to define or identify the ?. 7 LETTERS

10. Sometimes scientists make a mistake, or ?, and need to do an experiment again. 5 LETTERS.

11. The ? variable is the part of the experiment that is affected by the independent variable. 9 LETTERS

12. After the experiment, scientists organize and ? the data. 7 LETTERS

13. The information collected during an experiment is called ?. 4 LETTERS

14. Scientists make ? to help them make a hypothesis or collect data during an experiment. 12 LETTERS

If you know the answer to ANY, ANY of these questions, even the smallest of help would be greatly appreciated, but please try to answer as many of these questions as possible!

Thanks to all that help in advance!


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20:49 Sun 19th Sep 2010
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13 Data

Is this someone's homework ?
11 Dependant
3 conclusion
5 independent
6 hypothesis?
8 experiment
11 dependent
12 analyse
13 data
How are you going to learn if you get others to fill the blanks for you?
7 graphs?
10 error?
Question Author
ladyalex, isn't11 dependent, not dependant? just making sure.
Question Author
and prodie i just need help with the answers and then im gonna make a study guide out of this worksheet, or i could just use this sheet as a study guide.
I think either spelling is acceptable, so you choose.
It's the least you can do if this is your homework........
Question Author
ok, thanks ladyalex!
Question Author
and yes, this is my homework. i need the answers for this because i honestly dont know most of these answers, so im gonna use this sheet as a study guide for when i have my first science test on the scientific method. it'll making knowing all the definitions a lot easier!

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Scientific Method Review Worksheet Crossword Puzzle

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