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Pete_the_teach | 08:57 Sat 14th Aug 2010 | Crosswords
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I've completed the puzzle( I think), but there are 6 clues that I'm struggling to explain. The solutions seem to be cliches/trite phrases.
16a Went I re hole?(3,2,3) ALL IN ALL
22,1 M - give it ten?(4,2,5) HAND IN GLOVE
24,11 Go blue - B?(4,2,3,5) DOWN IN THE MOUTH
26,9 B - carry rain? (4,2,4) BEAR IN MIND
2,15 Dr Castier? (5,2,3,5) THROW IN THE TOWEL
13 Sing "Crackle"? (4,2,3) HOLE IN ONE
Paul hasn't indicated a theme.


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2/15 Throw = Cast ....Towel = Drier

DR CAST IER.....Throw in the Towel
26 Bear = carry ...mind = B +rain

Bear in mind
16a ENTIRE in WHOLE = all in all
24 Down = blue....Mouth = Go +B

Down in the mouth
22,1 M - give it ten = 'give' inside of 'mitten' = hand in glove
13 Sing "Crackle"= 'crack' inside 'single' = hole in one
22 Hand in glove

Give = hand in ...glove = M it ten

Hand in glove
16a entire in whole - all in all
22,1 give in mitten - hand in glove
24,11 blue in gob - down in the mouth
26, 9 carry in brain - bear in mind
13 crack in single - hole in one
Thanks for your help Bibblebub, it took me a few minutes to see what Paul was getting at!
Question Author
Thank you both! I can see the rationale for the rest now!
kayakamina - I was being guided by your answers as to what was required

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Grauniad 25089

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