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albignoni | 12:15 Sun 01st Aug 2010 | Crosswords
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I have been trying to use the website to help with a crossword but there still seems to be a problem with the site. If I enter a question for a specific clue I receive a response to a general question.

For example if the specific clue relates to a salad ingredient then instead of producing the crossword answer there is just general information about salads and recipes.

Or if, for example, the clue is a synonym of divorce (answer separate) and I look at the answer under the crossword heading I find people writing about their experience of divorce!

This is a persistent problem: has anyone else experienced this?


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I have checked your posts back as far as April and the answers do not bear out your claims. In the 6 I have looked at you have given a clue and people have contributed answers. I notice that you do not have the courtesy to post a reply of thanks to anyone who helps.
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This has absolutely nothing whatever to do with how the website works or does not work
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I would add that all my requests add the phrase, "thanks in advance"
you're talking about the Search function? Try to make your searches more specific - eg enter divorce and telegraph (if it's a Telegraph crossword)
Are you not referring to the search facility?

If you simply posted a question:

Synonym for Divorce, surely you would get an answer.
I have just done an experimental question along those lines and it worked fine!
Sounds to me that your'e searching the web and not the site. To the left of the search button.
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My point was that there are several headings in the answerbank about all sorts of subjects. But sometimes if you enter the crossword clue under "Quizzes and Puzzles" and sub-heading "Crosswords" then instead of producing the answer to the clue you may find an article linked to a word mentioned in the clue under one of the other subject headings.

So if the clue was, the principal character in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice,, instead of the correct answer there might be an article about a person's trip to Venice
which would be under the travel heading.

It is just something which happens occasionally when I use the website.
I don't see a "thanks in advance" on anything that you have posted with regard to your current question.
I think what the OP is trying to say is that the search facility is site wide, and the OP wants to restrict the search to a particular topic or group of topics.

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