EV 920 'Find the lady'

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tweaker | 12:39 Sun 20th Jun 2010 | Crosswords
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Puzzle looks promising. Getting 1ac straight away is always a rare bonus! - Nice one Nutmeg.

Happy fathers day to you all.


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I thought this was entertaining. At the easier end of the spectrum, certainly, but very fairly clued and neatly constructed.
Agreed, not a great challenge but a nice payoff at the end.
No wonder I can't find it drb, we generally perch in Crosswords and I didn't try the main site.

Found this much less daunting than last week's, maybe because I now feel 100% again. Many thanks again to Kayakamina and TurnerJMW for getting me back to the crease with that one.

As far as this one is concerned, getting 2, 3 and 4 down immediately helped because it gave a very good start for 10a and thus the theme.

Devadolly, no doubt you are still practicing the art of 34 across.

I hope to have time for next week's but a two-day examiners' meeting beckons next Monday and Tuesday and preparation for that must take priority.
Took longer over this than I should as did not spot the full method of thematic entry until I was only two clues off finishing! Clearly I had too much wine for lunch so was not at my cutting edge. I do have two potentials for last letter of the lady - does anyone else have this problem? I think I know which I will shade as the shape seems a little more relevant.
Did part of this in the car on the way back from Land's End which probably explains why we had a similar experience to you, AndrewG-S! Eventually got home after a detourette via the M1 because the M6 was shut.... but happy to report that the number of flags on cars is definitely dropping! I am glad we brushed up our clickety clacking skills last year, although I hope we will have no need of the finished product for a few months. Definitely think that the shape dictates the shading.
Glad you're feeling better, novalis. And I'm sure, Andrew G-S, the shading is continuous, to give the authentic spelling
I think the shading is contuous as well. It gives a much more satisfactory shape. The position of the second vowel in 34 across made me smile. It only needed something to catch it in.
novalis: the first letter of 36a could work for that purpose.
Very true Dr. B. I wonder if that is deliberate.
I thought so.
Perhaps there should have been instructions to shade that 2nd vowel an appropriate color (colour).
Is the name of the 'lady' to be found among the letters in my completed grid? If so can I please have a nudge toward the area in the grid?

Thanks for any help.
Graudian, if you have filled the grid, you have the theme and the thematically altered answers. If you think about what has been done to the altered answers, and what would have been used to make the "alteration" back in the day, you should be able to determine the identity of the "lady". Also consider how the altered answers on the left side of the grid are entered, and this should more or less outline where you'll find "her."
thank you dr b.

All clear now.

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EV 920 'Find the lady'

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