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baitress | 22:51 Sat 18th Jul 2009 | Crosswords
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Thanks for that info in jubo's thread, my lady.
I've got in a stock of wincarnis and tenalady for attendees.
regards, roger


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You're a marvel, baitress.

I daren't tell you of the goings on tonight.....but if you come over now you'll be just in time for the raffle.
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What are the prizes this week, my lady?
I don't want any more of that wincarnis muck. It turned my dentures green.
some lavender bags, half a packet of pipe cleaners, some stitches left over from someone's knitting, pernod biscuits and some potted spiders...but there was a bit of an incident earlier on in the evening when Alfie the agouti had a bit of a nibble at some of them. I think there are some toffees too with hardly any fluff on them....
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Those pipe cleaners sound good. I could use them to get rid of some of my earwax
If you did that, you could hand them in again next week as lubricating sticks......
Question Author
or even use them as swizzle sticks in the Wincarnis.
How do you get from one club to the other as quickly lady, is there a tunnel?
There's no end to their uses.

Garden dibbers for very small bulbs.....

Cat annoyers........

Bathroom grout cleaners....

But, I'm sorry , the raffle has been drawn so if you don't hurry over the prizes will have gone and you'll never know.
Curses !
Rumbled again.
It's a fair cop, atsgran...the tunnel starts halfway up the stairs. Just press the wainscot and you're away.
Don't tell the others, though or they'll all want to come through.
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Hey my lady, if you look out of the window, it appears that a bus with the local Darby & Joan club have arrived
No No No ...keep those thugs out. They mug people and steal our raffle prizes. What they did to our pet elephant was unspeakable. Don't let them in.
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its OK my lady, I confronted them and impounded their zimmer frames
I've said it before and I'll say it again. You are a marvel, baitress. You deserve a medal.
Did they hurt you very badly ?
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No the old dears tried to lick me. I'm having trouble getting the lipstick off and one of their colostomy bags burst and ruined my trousers. But I managed to hold them off.
I could sure murder a cold lager though if there is any going.
Well, you'll have to come through the tunnel to look for the lager.....we tend to have cocktails, though rather than beer....our favourites at present are Pernod and Bailleys or Vodka and ribena....
I'm off to bed now , baitress. Lovely speaking to you again. No doubt see you around the site tomorrow, :-))

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