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octogenarian | 14:55 Tue 26th May 2009 | Crosswords
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Hi Lie in King-------Have just got back from being cut off by AB---5th time in 12 months-----Is it something I do wrong or does this happen to everyone--thanks Octo


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Good afternoon octogenarian - I'm not sure you're asking the right person, but I gather from other threads that several people experience this quite regularly!

I've been "banned" for posting too many answers (apparently), even though I'm on dial-up!

If the Ed (or YTS Ed) happens to be in a bad mood, they can ban you for something that everone else might view as being perfectly acceptable...

...Supposedly, when the new site comes on-line, many of these problems will be sorted out - personally, I'm enjoying the sound outside my window at the moment -

Oink, flap, oink, flap......
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Thanks Lie in King-----Glad Im not the only one. O
Join the club octogenarian I've only just got back after being banned for about a week. I often wonder what I have done to upset the powers that be.
By the way thank you for the many times you come to my assistance with the Daily Mail.
Mctavish There are NO upside down question marks or other clever little symbols in your answer. Did you master the instructions? I have not!

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fao Lie in King

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