Answerbank slow.

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marbert | 13:14 Sun 10th May 2009 | Crosswords
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Is it just me or is answerbank slow this week? I'm almost on the point of giving up. Marbert.


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it isn't you today is the slowest i've known
It's taken 96 seconds to get into your thread...that's the average for me today!

I'm so glad it's not just me & my dial-up!

My reply will now appear, but I'll wait another 90+ secs for the screen to refresh...

One presumes that Ed & YTS Ed are on hols?..
Only used it a few times this week, but today is pathetic!!

I'm gonna leave it for now.
It is the associated advertising sites that are mainly to blame - look bottom-left in your browser window to see what it is "waiting on..."

It's always been technically risible.

never mind the pigs teeth.....lets get the Ed's teeth snapped!
it is dreadful today............I'm refreshing 3 or 4 times to get a screen up.................
Thank goodness, thought it was my old Lap Top playing up.
yes. I am getting frustrated too
I am having the same problem. I hope Answebank Admin. will rectify the problem. Thanks.
Mine is slow too - have time to jog around garden while waiting !
It is so bad as to merit an editorial apology tomorrow. I wonder if they will. It's a question of pressing Submit then watching 5 more laps of the Grand Prix.
Here's me thinking it was the drink!!
Google was FAST so must be AB grinding to a halt over the weekend load.

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Answerbank slow.

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