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greyhoundgrl | 16:42 Thu 20th Nov 2008 | Crosswords
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Any help with the 'Ladder' question on page 9 would be much appreciated.

The idea is to fill in each step with a new word, changing one letter at a time as you climb down the ladder.

At the top of the ladder is:


Shopping Centre MALL (I think this is right)
Factory ????
????? ????
Brain ????
Peel ????

At the bottom is: RING

The answer is the word between Factory and Brain.

Thanks very much.


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Right struggling going forward so perhaps backwards is best!

Peel - rind

Brain - mind

Does this help?
Factory could be mill
oooh Factory - Mill

Something - Mild.

Perhaps weather???

Does it need to fit 5 question marks (i.e. letters?)
Therefore could be curry too! ;o)
mall, mill, mild, mind, rind, ring
After mill could be mild
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Wow - thank you all so much for responding so quickly.

It's all as clear as a bell now but I just couldn't see it!!

All done now.

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Chat Winter Special, Issue 12

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