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Christiana | 11:21 Mon 17th Nov 2008 | Crosswords
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Living abroad I rely on the Crossword Society rather than the paper edition. Going interactive should have helped but it hasn't as the prize puzzles are no longer the weekend puzzles and have been cut down to a single cryptic, plus a GK and a Quick. Before it was always 2 cryptics plus EV. The position regarding EV is still unclear as it is going interactive but hasn't as yet. To add to this the cryptic they offer - not a weekend crossword - comes out on a Monday. It has always been my weekend pleasure to do the Saturday and Sunday Crosswords jointly with a friend, whoever getting the most questions right to have their name appended to the puzzle. Silly perhaps, but my weekends are no longer the same. I have e mailed the Telegraph (frustrating exercise) and gather they are prepared to make adjustments if the feedback warrants it. If anyone feels they can add their voice to mine please e mail as well. I would also be sad to lose EV as a prize crossword, though delighted if it could be submitted interactively.


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Hi Christiana

I can send you a copy of yesterday's EV if you wish.

I've stopped doing the weekend Telegraph cryptics as Saturday is too easy and the clueing of the Sunday one drives me scatty.

I'll certainly contact the Telegraph and add my voice to yours.

Come back if I can help.

Regards K
Question Author
Hi K. Thanks for your kind offer. I have a copy of yesterday's EV (and am working on it!!) At the moment they're printing it on line with the option of posting it, and saying it will be interactive in the future, which may mean I will no longer be able to submit it as a competition entry but will still be able to do it. I usually complete it whether or not I finish it in time to post, but the challenge of 'meeting the deadline' spurs me on, so will be disappointed if I can't enter the competition.
I agree with your comments re. Sat. and Sunday's cryptics, but the fact that I share the frustrations with someone else makes up for this. I will still be able to access and complete these puzzles, but again it seems unlikely I will be able to actually submit them.
Hi Again

I just had another thought!

Do you know that the Guardian & Observer crosswords are now free online? On Saturday you get a very good prize cryptic and on Sunday the Azed crossword, which is sometimes more difficult than EV.
Also on Sunday there is the straightforward Everyman cryptic.

Cheers K
Question Author
Thanks for the reminder. I am seriously considering switching and saving the cost of the Telegraph membership - times are hard!
Hi Christiana ... I would be happy to e-mail the Telegraph as well.

Could you send me a copy of your e mail so I can say much the same as you.

Question Author
Hi Slaney, Thanks. I don't have your e-mail address and it doesn't seem to be available on the other site - it told me to try again later. I can reproduce the message here, or you can give your e-mail address or I can e-mail K if he has your address.
Yes ...I seem to have vanished!

However, I have found yours and e-mailed you.
Question Author
Thanks. Have now sent you an e-mail
Hi Christiana

I have only just seen your e-mail. It is a shame but i don't do the EV any more as it is no longer free. I used to enjoy the weekly banter. I don't get the paper and refuse to get it just for the EV.

take care

oh...and they never sent a reply to my letter re: timeframe to submission

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