Spectator 1874 : Song V

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kayakamina | 21:49 Thu 24th Jul 2008 | Crosswords
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I've got the name of the song and the quarter of the items mentioned in the song but why is the title of the crossword SONG V ?


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Thanks Mazie but I don't think you can have done the crossword because without giving too much away the hidden song is 'Sixpence' (as in sing a song of) and the unclued lights lead you to a a quarter of items mentioned in the song.

The titles to the Spectator crosswords are always relevant to the theme and that is what I am querying 'SONG V'
Hi K. No I dont do it, just guessing...what about the book of psalms...only guessing again here. good luck with it xx
I've just reached the same point as you, K. Can't see it at all at this time of night, and have to hope it will be annoyingly obvious in the morning.
It's probably simply the fifth in a series called 'Song'. I can confirm this later when I get home.
I think Rapparee is right. Once again I'm failing at the penny drop moment. Got all bar the unclued lights(other than six pence. Is Rani= queen, one?). Any subtle hints to assist please? I've failed miserably to relate them to the song as advised by kayakamina.

I can confirm this is the latest in a 'Song' series by the same setter. The first was merely entitled Song. It was Crossword 1590 and the song was Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

The others were:-
Song II - No 1652 - Mad About the Boy
Song III - No 1770 - My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Song IV - No 1821 - Look For The Silver Lining
Doh! Many thanks kayakamina.


Question Author
Thanks rapparee for the explanation.

I spent more time thinking about the relevance of the title than it took me to finish the whole crossword.
Thanks for putting me out of my misery. I also spent far too long ruminating about this, and as is usually the case it didn't make a jot of difference to completing the crossword.
Glad I could help. In the world of crosswords things are not always whay they seem..What a surprise.

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Spectator 1874 : Song V

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