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puzzled? | 11:51 Sun 13th Jul 2008 | Crosswords
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4 down - clue - It's a small company with endless stew for the french coast , 4 letters,
i have C ? T ?

18 across - clue - In a french river, we hear ? Just crazy , 6 letters,
have E ? ? A N ?

19 down - clue - A chance to begin a new career for a sailor in the street , 5 letters,
have ? ? A ? T (an thinking this could be craft ?
but if it is it will give the french river clue
E ? C A N ?

am totally stuck on these three would be very grateful for any help please :)


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18. Insane.
4. Cote?
4d Co te
19d. Start.
19d S(tar)t
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thank you all so much you are stars :)

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scottish mail

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