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Marijn | 12:39 Thu 05th Jun 2008 | Crosswords
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IF the Radio Times (prize clues) crossword had a rating of 5 out of 10 for difficulty, what rating would the Times have? The Telegraph etc? What would be a good one to do, when you want to try one a little harder than the Radio Times?


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I don't get the Radio Times but I think some of the clues I see on here are quite tricky.I would say it's about on a par with the Telegraph. Why not have a try at the Telegraph first and then move on to the Times which is more difficult .
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Hi JMR, thanks for your answer :-)
I don't know if the Telegraph has a daily prize crossword, but the Express has one worth �100, and the Mail has one worth three prizes of �20 ( if I remember right ), and I'd say both are similar to difficulty to the Radio Times.

So you get the fun of the crossword and the chance of a prize too.

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Hi CSI thanks for the info. I don't ever enter them for prizes. Just wanted to try something along the same lines as the RT, but a bit harder, cheers.
Perhaps you should try The Sunday Times, it's not as tough as The Saturday crossword, and people on here are always willing to help out. Although the paper is �2.00 on a Sunday, you do get enought reading to see you through the week !
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Thanks CSI, that's a good idea, I'll give it a go.
If you want a fair challenge every month try the SAGA prize crossword - quite often you get the answer then you can decipher the question !
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Thank you. I'll give it a go. How do I get a SAGA crossword?
I used to do my old mum's saga crossword, and I found it very difficult. She had it on subscription, I don't think it's available in the shops.

Seems to be �17.95 for a year's subscription.
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Thanks, is it available to any age? Or do you have to be a member?
I used to get the Guardian Newspaper delivered every day and *ahem* attempted the cryptic crossword... trouble is, every day the crossword was compiled by someone different... Some were *easy* (shhhhhh, I won't tell which days) and some days, well the crossword clues were so obscure that even with Google I struggled..... and I'm not that daft or illiterate... lol.... If I saw a certain compiler on that day, I'd often simply run a mile (Paul, Bunthorne etc etc) but others were great (eg Aracaria - my favourite retired reverend). So, in answer to your question, it really depends on the compiler. The RT is good, medium hardness, never too obscure, ok for a Saturday morning.
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Thanks Jugglering. I'm getting lots of good ideas from these answers, cheers

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Xword, what next?

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