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specciefan | 15:40 Mon 31st Mar 2008 | Crosswords
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Just got one to complete.
Feel the answer must be tenon - chippy's product = tenon (joint).
However if large number = TON, how Is EN explained?
I have been puzzling over this one for days now.


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Difficult without seeing the whole clue. But I don't think TON can be large number - it's a weight - TEN might be.
Large number regularly taking chippy's product (5)

I read it as:

large number = ten
regularly taking = on
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Thanks to you both. I considered TEN but didn't think it a 'large number'; preferring TON which can mean 100.
Anyway I will be able to get to sleep tonight.
Chambers specifically defines 'ten' as (among other things) 'a large number'.

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