Keiths crossword.[382]

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the old mill | 19:26 Fri 07th Mar 2008 | Crosswords
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10 ac Glasgow east end district sounds like bovine strata. [cowl?i??] 14 ac Oill-bearing mineral once mined in west lothian. [s?a??] 30 ac Village near Stow sounds like it annoyed Nye Bevans widow. [????s/e?] 8d Scots for hurries sounds like it grinds its teeth. [n?????] 22d Sea loch between Faraid Head and Whiten Head.[e?i???l] 25d what George MacDonald Frasers General did at dawn. [?a?b?d] 29ac Tutti Frutti and Slab Boys writer John. [ ?a???d]


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10across cowlair
14 across slate
30 across croslee
29 across byrnr
22 down eriboll 25down danced

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Keiths crossword.[382]

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