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Lezapping | 18:34 Mon 25th Feb 2008 | Crosswords
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Thanks, Kayakamina and BigMac for the clues...I had 43a all along, so your hints helped me along nicely. But, like you, I find 13d immensely challenging! I come again, each time, with cap in hand or is it a cape?( Like my own clue which may very well be false, because it does not seem to do justice to 1d now!) And then there is 27d which starts with G????IN and s bugging me!
Some final clues to the following, please:
22a: CE?AST? ( Nastase? How?)
24a: ?I?L??E
10d: N?GA??

Any help on these last ones will be for my own edification and learning, please!
Many thanks again for your patience! I am getting the French say: petit a petit!


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For 13d look at element 62 and for 27d element 64.

The second letter of 22a is an A. You are looking for a card game.

The fourth letter of 24a is an N. You are looking for a french sounding word that relates to the person you are intending to marry.

10d Correct letters. You are looking for a word that means to cause something to be invalid.
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I salute you, Tichfield, on the great hints you offered! Whew! I have completed the puzzle and feel quite proud, thanks to your invaluable help that pointed me in the right direction! This was an eyeopener, indeed! Thanks again! And I shall be seeking you out again for those technical ones!

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