Spectator 1852 'Tablemates' by Lavatch

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kayakamina | 10:37 Thu 21st Feb 2008 | Crosswords
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Here is a link to today's Spectator crossword where, as always, the title was very important.

Good luck cledir_1029/514576/crossword.pdf


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K, have you finished it already?
Question Author

Yes finished it- once you get one name the others fall into place.

Cheers K
OK, I'll rephrase: when did you start it?
Question Author
About 8.30.

I should have added that you don't have to be a rocket scientist but google does help!
No - but it helps! I've just completed 43a and 34d....
Well, I was sailing through it, but....

I don't want to give too much away and spoil it for anyone else, and I DONT WANT THE ANSWERS, so, kayakamina, could you kindly confirm that 96,99, 100, 106, 107 and 109 are involved?

I am having real fun with 13d........

Thanks in advance.
thanks for the link

keep going bigmac - as kayakamina says - just google it
Question Author

I've only just seen your posting.

Try 62 !!
Thanks, kayakamina and you, midazolam for the encouragement.
Right, the moral of this experience is: "don't try and be too clever!"

In other words, take it at face value and do not go looking only at eponyms or the Solvay Conferences.

[Leaves, chastened....]
i know what you mean - i was barking up the wrong tree for ages looking at lists of nobel prize winners

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Spectator 1852 'Tablemates' by Lavatch

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