Sun Times4252/Sun Tel cryptic2407

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gordonia | 09:12 Tue 27th Nov 2007 | Crosswords
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S Times last2- 6 down- Rank stars here-English girl tagged on(9) E???L?T?E 8 down- Doesn't go without a group of singers(6) A???T? Sun Tel- 7 across- Stone embedded in a bell: strange trinket(9) ?A?A?N??? 23 down- A rocket from the poor harassed arbiter about(7) RE?R??? Any help would be appreciated.Thank you.


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6d Epaulette ?
7) REPROOF re (proo) f
6d) E/paulette
sun Tel 7a. Bagatelle - agate in anag (strange) bell
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Many thanks JimJools,barry 123,and kettledrum.
Sun Times 8d AWAITS
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Thanks BigMac,I'd thought of awaits,but couldn't see how it came about,

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Sun Times4252/Sun Tel cryptic2407

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