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FoxLee | 18:25 Sun 25th Nov 2007 | Crosswords
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Seeing that Q & P site is less than useless, thought I'd try here although first attempt failed.

Just realized that the MM quiz has to be in this week and I have 3 blanks. Can anyone help with:-

42. Rich person in Rio, liable to get corrupted (11)

54. Workers with their sweet product made cash for
East-enders (4,3,5) I was thinking bees and honey but that's not rhyming slang for money

56. recorded in red above preliminary sketches (10)


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42. anag. billionaire

54. rhyming slang. bees and honey

56. overdrafts.

Good luck!
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Thank you so much for those answers -hope you see this. My post disappeared along with any answers I tried to give to other questions. Just checked back and it's reappeared but I don't know why it has 'edited by AnswerBank' on it.
Hi FoxLee ... there are some strange forces playing havoc with the site. A similar thing happened to me last evening when all of my answers disappeared from view and I was unable to post anew. They have now all been reinstated!!

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Money Matters

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