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meabby | 01:36 Sun 25th Nov 2007 | Crosswords
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4ac unimportant fellow ( 8) ?c???m??

6d wizard showing ultimate in prestidigitation (5) ??m??

8d red pen with a prominent top (6) ??e?t?

17d sound, in parting with silver (3,5) ?l? t?e?e



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4a. academic
17d. all there
8d. chesty - Che (Guevara) + sty (pen)
Sorry, Meabby - I can't think what 6d can be. Perhaps some other night owl will be able to help.
6d. demon - demo (show) + N (last letter of prest.....N )
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i can get to sleep now without worrying!
17D ~ I can see that "sound" = "all there", but how does the wordplay work?
"in" in the clue = all the rage, parting with silver/Ag = all there
Thanks, JMR.

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sat times 23767

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